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Splendid Rush

Now Mullers Out

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Great - now 3 central midfield players out.  Pink'' Un suggested a partnership of Helveg and Safri, which I''m not sure of, there doesn''t seem to me much attacking strengh there.  How about something like:

Keeper and back 4 pick itself if it.


               Jonson/Mcveigh          Bentley/McVeigh


                        McKenzie    Svensson/Huckerby

Safri with the holding role, Jonson, Bentley etc going wide and attacking the flanks, with Huckerby or Bentley in the support role behind the front 2.  I feel this would be slightly more positive than having a defensive midfielder and a right back in the centre of the park for us.

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Mullers injured? Must be his pride when he realised how poor he was on sat

Francis out is the only real painful absentee - truly missed on saturday.

However given that we now only have Safri and Helveg Worthy needs to realise that neither will make the forward moves needed support the strikers but have good defensive and passing strengths as such we MUST change formation completely.

My team and formation for sat would be

Eddie - with helveg in midfield there are no options
Shackell - deserves his chance.
Charlton - if fit, Doc if not due to aerial threat.
Drury - so much better than being given credit for.

two deep lying midfielders, Helveg & Safri. Patrol the full width of the pitch but never moving more than 10 yards into opponents half. Effectively playing with 6 defenders.

Three fast fluid midfield attackers, Hux, Jonson & Bentley who can roam across the pitch drop back when needed but break quickly going forward.

1 focal point attacked of Leon to move across the line and chase the ball down. To be replaced on 65 minutes once he is exhausted.

Formation of


If Francis is fit, boy do we need him!, then revert to 4-4-2, with Helveg partnering, Jonson on the right, Bentley left with hux and leon up front.


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mullers injured????

that''ll be why i see him in the all you can eat chinese in riverside last night with jim brennan then .

guess he can now eat all he likes lol

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NOW this is the perfect opportunity to try out 4-5-1!!

We would have to play an attacking midfield, so Safri and Helveg play in the middle defensively, Huckerby and someone on the wings and perhaps Leon or Bentley up the middle:

           Safri             Helveg
McVeigh?        Leon               Huckerby

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