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Who would trade our Season in the prem for Championship midtableness?

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I mean,  comeon... This whole spiral we''ve been on has happened since our freefall from the premiership, the money we''ve paid out trying to loan in premier players wages, the setup/investment around facilities at carrow road etc.  Yes, the eye was taken off the ball and we should have ensured survival and regrouped effectively to go back up.... It didnt happen, and here we are today awaiting league one footy.

With that in mind i loved being in the premiership, the thought that i could watch (Or sky plus!) 60 minutes of Norwich a week (Football first - Sky) is unreal for starters!  So i wouldnt want to change it for the world, even if it has led to our demise.

So, i''m curious as i sit here and think: Who would be happy if we took away the season in the prem, took away this last season and replaced them with just mediocre Championship mid table finishes?  No real chance of promotion, and no relegation drama.... 

We tried, god damnit! And it cost us, so what? We''ll be back... I wouldnt trade it in personally!

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