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The clubs Aspirations

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Yes i am a first time poster but hear me out. According to such people as management and players we as a club had pre season expectations of top 6 football, but i ask the question of just simply looking at the league table and the clubs around us. What i mean by this is if you take into account the clubs around us and managers sacked. i.e charlton pardew sacked, forest who beat us by the way calderwood sacked. And yes i hear you they are below us and only just and in one case only on goal difference, whearas look at the clubs above us in watford boothroyd sacked and Derby jewell sacked a club that i belive correct me if wrong have both done the double over us does that not tell you what this board wants achieve just by us having GR as where other clubs are going through differnt managers we stick with loyalty if this will work we never know as all football fans know a new manager always brings in some results and considering how tight it is down their all it takes is a few wins and you are out of their and up in mid table as we showed last year. All that worries me is that will begin to alert other people and they will become even more annyoed with the board and have more calls of delias head when she does more than any other director. your thoughts are greatfully welcomed

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