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My Thoughts ...

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My views on the new guys:

Helveg - you could tell he played for a quality Italian team, every thing he did was quality ..... some of his cross field passes were superb to switch the play.

Charlton - read the game well, he played well i thought and looked solid, he won more in teh air than i thought he would for lacking height ....

Bentley - dissappointed me tbh, after all the hype this week i didn''t think he had a major impact on the game ..... however his flashes of brilliance were there ..... did he also pick up a knock ... ?

Jonson - didn''t do a lot, possibly needs a couple of games to adjust to the English game, however like Bentley a few nice touches now and again.

Generally, I thougth we needed to attack more as a unit, we relied on hucks too much, who is not 100% match fit yet ....... as he hardly paleyd pre-season, more often than not i thought he did not have the support that he needed.

Anyway, nice to get our first point on the board, would have been harsh on Palace for them to come away with nothing.

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ok i agree with some of your points

heres mine:

Helveg - Played a superb game and didnt look out of place, Like you said had some nice cross field passes. Hes quite fast and could well be a key player this year.

Charlton - Look solid, played his own game. Like you said won lots in there via experiance and skill not height, Quite passy but we could have a problem with speed in defence up against the likes of henry and Bellemy.........

Bently - Showd the class, but didnt get into the game much althou we missed him when he went off. Had some nice crosses and well thought out moves with huckerby. He was upset and dissapointed about being takern off after a knock. Has withdrawn from engladn u21 because of injury, hopefully will be back for manu

Jonson - i agree with you on him. He himself said he needs to settle in but is liking it (see pinkun home page)

Darren WArd - Looks a great bench warmer, even beats mulryne!

I feel that our tactic is going to be sit back and get them on the brake. This shew so much on sat and it worked ~(in the first half) With huckerby at the heart of it! With the pacey likes of Jonson, Bently and huckerby, it looks like we are going to use this tactic this season.

I would also like to see us pass like a premiership team andnot like a sunday league side!!
I thought our play was dredful, but maybe worthy was playing it to the tactic above.

I agree with you on palace, it was a fair result. They had a better second half than us and we had a better first half than them.

pity Andy Johnsson had to score the goal!!!!!!!

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I thought our passing was okay. Not Arsenal, but okay. When I watched MOTD at the weekend, there are really only a handful of top teams that can endlessly stroke the ball around with one touch accuracy. Most of the Prem teams didn''t look any better than us. Short of buying top 5 players, we''re never going to look like they do. I think over the last year we''ve proved ourselves to be more than a sunday league side, and Sat''s performance was as good as anything last year, so your comment there must have been a bit tongue-in-cheek!

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