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  1. On the right side of defence we have been linked with Nyron Nosworthy, he is a product of the Gillingham academy and is a 25 year old strong 6ft odd tall player.  He would suit us very well i think. I think Partridge would be a good signing, but to be honest, i think Worthy has got to work his magic again in the loan market if we are going to stand a chance to come up again.  Bischoff from Man City could be captured on a seasons loan.  Other names to put forward are perhaps Sean Davis from Villa, good young combative midfielder.  It really all depends on who signs who over the summer.  I mean if Blackburn add to there squad, perhaps Flitcroft may be worth a go if he is not required. What about young Mr Bentley .... again, depending on who signs for Arsenal over the summer, he may be surplus to requirements. We will have to wait and see who comes and goes to start, but we have had definate links with Partridge and Nosworthy.
  2. [quote]Just read the article on the pinkun and some comments on the ncfc-fans board. I quote "suppose no one heard how they were spitting at us and throwing coins and all too?? had they opened one gate ther...[/quote] i am the original author of the comments and all of what i said is true.  i was absoluteley digusted with the response form the villa fans. shall not be going there again!
  3. er .... defend how we can ....   likewise can be said about how you gona cope with Hucks, Francis and McKenzie .... short is hardly an inspiration ....
  4. got to get another target man, worthy says on this site Doherty has been bought as a centre half and not a ''2 in 1'' player ............... i still think (altho he is not a target man) jj would finsih the squad nicely .....
  5. I think that may be a better way to play. Start with McVeigh on the left maybe and alternate him and Jonson, McVeigh looked bright when he came on .....
  6. My views on the new guys: Helveg - you could tell he played for a quality Italian team, every thing he did was quality ..... some of his cross field passes were superb to switch the play. Charlton - read the game well, he played well i thought and looked solid, he won more in teh air than i thought he would for lacking height .... Bentley - dissappointed me tbh, after all the hype this week i didn''t think he had a major impact on the game ..... however his flashes of brilliance were there ..... did he also pick up a knock ... ? Jonson - didn''t do a lot, possibly needs a couple of games to adjust to the English game, however like Bentley a few nice touches now and again. Generally, I thougth we needed to attack more as a unit, we relied on hucks too much, who is not 100% match fit yet ....... as he hardly paleyd pre-season, more often than not i thought he did not have the support that he needed. Anyway, nice to get our first point on the board, would have been harsh on Palace for them to come away with nothing.
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