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lucky green trainers

inconsistent city displays maybe lacking final ingredient...

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haaalllo neil - yep, nearly every caller on rad naaaarfolk hit the nail

fair and squarely, when they said watching entertaining footy is one

thing, but 3 points need to be won - most suggesting a target man would

cure our ills...we all know this looks to be true, and lets hope roedy gets his 2 targets here before monday deadline...but

yeah - maybe a goalscorer would help us to be more consistent, cos in

the 2 home games i''ve seen a bottom 6 performance (aside last 20 mins)

from city against a hardworking but poor blackpool side, and today i''ve

seen a top 6 performance, against promotion faves brum, who imo didn''t

play badly, we simply never let them play...chalk, and cheese -

getting consistent displays is the key to success in this league,

because any team can beat any other on their day...

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[quote user="C.T i am NOT 1st wiz"]Why do you persist in calling G.R ''''Roedy''''? Its steadily starting to irritate me [:P][/quote]why do you insist on calling yourself ''not first wizard''???  and in such a way,when quoted ''

Non matching quote blocks in post''comes up - now that is fudging irritating!!!

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