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Matt Morriss

Where do NCFC go from here???

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Im gonna start by stating that I was behind Grant and his new signings

100% at the start of the season so im gonna have to stick by it, but i

do wonder for his future should things continue the way they have been.

I have cited injuries to Mark Fotheringham and Jimmy Smith as being the

reason we are struggling at the moment. You cant hope to score many

goals and win many games playing 2 defensive midfielders, which is why

I think we miss Fozzy and Smith so much. Somebody that can put there

foot on the ball and pass it.

Grant has been unlucky with this, look how different Norwich played

when Safri was in the team. This was replicated at home to Southampton

when Fozzy came on. We looked a different side and went on to win.

Now unless either of those 2 get back to playing sharpish we could be

in for a rough couple of months. I hear Smith is returning to training

but for me Fozzy is the key because he looks like he can pass the ball.

At Southampton, and the West Ham freindly, he wanted the ball and

looked full of confidence, wanting to dictate the play, he also got

stuck in as well, which is something i didnt see from him last season.

We need Fozzy back asap, this looks like it might be a way off so were

gonna have to do something else. Spillane could well be the answer, he

looked like he can put his foot on the ball and pass it. We must give

him a go because the current midfield of Brellier/Russell/Lappin just

isnt working is it.

We need a performance against Man City now, forget a win, we just need

a performance from the players, a reaction to the Wolves game. If there

is no change then it could spell disaster for Grant because it will

mean he has failed to get a reaction from the players which will mean

he has lost the confidence of the team and there not playing for him.

The next couple of games are crucial, lets hope the lads can turn it

around. One postive is that Grants going to have to change the team,

unless he just plays Murray alongside Doc, to cater for the loss of

Dion and Shack. Plus its Hucks against his former club at Man City,

hopefully he will be well up for it and will be a talisman for us

again. This could inspire the rest of the players to play, and they may

well end up playing for Huckerby rather than Grant....Dunno if this

would be a good thing but it may well produce a performance.


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You are right, it is a worry. When you consider that our 2 best players (Dion & Hucks) won''t be playing next year then the future is indeed not very bright. Grant worries me, not just for his tactics but the way he manages his people. Why did Saf go ???? Why is Hucks playing so badly?? Why haven''t we got a coach??? The players brought in this season have not performed up to expectations. The feeling by the "positive" bunch on these message boards was that they would all "bleed yellow & green". Hmmmmm...................

Yes, the board have been tight with the cash. For me the Turner''s are just playing at the game. I mean, they got the shares for next to nothing & a 2 million LOAN ??? It is obvious that the cash in does not add up to what has been spent. The wage bill must be reduced also. Are we being "cleverer" ?? Or just trying to do it on the cheap.

Again you are right, the next few games are crucial & yes Grant will have to change things. A battling display at Man City & a win on Saturday are a must.............................

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