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Almost unannounced back in September,
In walked a man who we all will remember,
Standing next to Mcveigh he towered above,
And soon he''d score goals that we all would love.

Almost immediately a partnership was struck,
He''d head in crosses supplied by the Huck,
Although he was tall he was good with his feet,
His passing precise, and his finishing neat.

Consider a purchase was what Nigel did,
Vila weren''t playing,and quoted 5 million quid,
At the end of the season, some say he''ll return,
But whether we can afford him, we will soon learn.

So come on O''leary, let us have our man,
Send Crouch back to Norfolk, please if you can,
He sits on your bench, or plays in reserves
First team football at Norwich, is what he deserves.

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Glad to see I''ve brought out the poet in you but why didnt you put it in the poetry thread which has already been started then then would have all been together.See thread ''can you do better''

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ok I try, but poem not brilliant...read it again...we really need him as our big man...

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