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  1. Hello Yankee... you really score 10 out of 10 for making people really pissed off...but hey what you have described sounds like anywhere else in England!!!
  2. Why oh why oh why are you still saying flem for player of the year??? Hucks and Hucks only!! Take Hucks away and we would not be promoted!!
  3. Apparenlty, time is supposed to be a great healer - with Robert Chase this time wont arrive within my lifetime and , God willing, I''m only just at the half way line. How much money did this lousy git take from each and every one of us to line his own pockets ? It still makes my gut churn to think that he had us all suckered for so long and then left us all but in ruins. What really would have happened to NCFC if Dame Delia and Sir Michael had not come along to bail us out when they did ? Forgive and forget with Robert Chase - I dont think so !
  4. Um why am I being negative? Im betting on City staying up!! But Goss-pel get real..come on its going to be tough! I''m going to be happy if we just stay up. Look at what Birmingham have achieved. we dont need to be top 5 in the first year!! no need to rush things, the slower you go the longer it lasts!!!!
  5. Hope the operation went well, Wiz - please keep us posted.
  6. DD..I have spoken to William Hill this morning. You can put a bet on, but we will have to wait until the season finishes. Then the odds will be calculated. I''m putting £100 on them staying up..But do it soon as you can the odds will be better!
  7. DD..It has been great, and we will most probably be posting this time next year. Whats your prediction this time next year? Im going to phone William Hill and put £100 on that they will stay up.
  8. No not sad, Its goin to be great fun, cant wait!
  9. Im going to tear 2 whole yellow pages and bring with me, nicked on from work! so many yellow pages must be going missing!!
  10. Well said..Darren Huckerby has moved Norwich in to a different league. And without him we would not be top of the league,and joining the premiership. He is player of the season.
  11. Hi all. There are lots of positive views on this thread (apart from one.) Lets eradicate this problem. Lets all complain to the stewards. If anyone is in a situation that is unacceptable. Complain! This is the only way this behaviour will be stamped out. The stewards are very good and the guy near me had the camera on him all the second half. The more people complain the better (and its only a very small % who are like this.) So lets stamp this problem out, so we can all enjoy the premiership atmosphere. OTBC!!!
  12. DD, guilty as charged , I presummed you were retired and grey, lol
  13. Its ok DD, but why did you think I was male?
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