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Canary Poirot

The transfer window has completely changed football

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Now that the transfer window has been in place for a number of years we have begun to understand the effect it has on clubs as many desperately try and reinforce their ailing squads.

Firstly, it highlights the growing scarcity of available players. As soon as any club realise someone who has any sort of reputation might be available nearly every club with money is sniffing around - as there are so many clubs desperately searching for that ''last peice of the jigsaw'' to get them promoted. This inevitably leads to a bidding war, and the selling club comes out on top. Take Stephen Pearson of Celtic, he becomes available and suddenly we''re in a 3 way run for him with Derby and Sunderland - biggest risk taker gets him. But the question has to be asked - is Pearson - or any player with a decent reputation who becomes available - the answer to our problems? Is it worth us throwing scarce money at him (or whoever) when it might make little or no difference?

Another issue is the timescale of the window. As time ticks by, prices go up, as clubs become more desperate. Expect to pay over the odds as the window closes. Additionally, the general scarcity of any decent player being available further inflates prices. I''m beginning to that our pining our hopes on a transformation in our squad and chances this month are false - and that''s no real fault of anyone (bar maybe FIFA!).

All of which means, with the advent of this transfer window, we need a completely new strategy to signing new players. It is clear to me trying to sign players of reputation from big clubs (Prem/Scot Prem/Championship) is probably going to cost a lot of money (before people say Chadwick - note his reputation (or star) had fallen a little bit and he was desperate to move to the east of England near to Cambridge so few takers and lower price). So what we need to do a bit more of is scouting the lower leagues, and that includes non-league like never before. Reading got Doyle from no-where for about £10,000 - and he''s got 10 goals in the Premiership this season! Oh - and sign up lots of players EARLY in the summer transfer window - I can''t stress that point enough.

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Good point, well made.

Especially as we will loose the parachute payment from now on, so we can expext transfer monies to be far more limited.

There can be no more Ashton//Earnshaw type buys.

I cant understand why we dont try and buy young promising players. Even if say one in three/four come off it has to be a risk worth taking.

I can remember when thats exactly how we madw our way in the past.

David Cross

Graham Paddon

Kevin Reeves

Chris Woods

Steve Bruce, I think was a bargain buy from Gillingham.

Dave Watson hardly cost a fortune (admitedly from Liverpool reserves) . 

Thats just a few of the bargain buys.

I think we were probably better at it than just about anyone.

So why not get back to what we do best.









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Two very good posts about another change in the rules that has made life difficult for clubs like ours.

As I understand it the transfer window is designed to stop the rich clubs being able to buy success so easily. In theory it should mean that clubs have to work with the squad they start the season with. In practice the rich clubs have a bigger squad so still hold an advantage and that advantage is multiplied by the fact that clubs with smaller squads are restricted from replacing injured players until January.

The examples Kenning (Is your username because of Mike Kenning?)  lists are from days when there were no restrictions and transfers took place at anytime right through to March. Often targets were identified at the start of the season but clubs were reluctant to sell at that time as they all had high hopes of a succesful season. However, come October and a club like Rochdale could be going nowhere in midtable. Norwich come along and offer £40,000 for David Cross and it''s a good deal for all parties. But in these days of transfer windows Rochdale can''t cash in until January so it''s in their interests to encourage an auction and then the odds are stacked against us. Not just our reluctance to overpay for players but also because with the player having a bigger choice of clubs our location suddenly counts against us too.

Against this background maybe posters can see how I can be impressed by Worthingtons abilities in getting Huckerby, Ashton, Earnshaw and even Crouch on loan to the club.


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Good point well made.

This also begs another question, is it time to change the structure of the transfer window?

Personally, I''ve never been a great fan of the one month window in January as it seems to lead to panic buying, inflated transfer fees and little opportunity to get value for money.

My suggested alternative is to make the transfer window run to from the end of the previous season to, say, 30th November and then shut until the end of the season, albeit with a provision for emergency loans. So, roughly half a season with a transfer window open and half closed.

This would give a greater opportunity for clubs to trade players without the time pressures associated with the current structure.

Any views?

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I can understand looking at lower league teams, and there is some right gold to be found. Unfortunately, when we''re 17th in the table we have to go for the tried and proven, just to keep any slight fear of relegation out.

In the long run however, this would be a huge success

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Not only do the bigger risk takers get the man but it also gives a big foot up to the bank rolled, because they can get the missing piece from  under their rivals nose (not that we are gonna rival Derby or Sunderland this season)

We are dealing with 2 teams who although are not bank rolled Reading/Wigan style, have been bought out by rich consortiums, who have settled debts, splashed in the summer & winter (Sunderland), and have promised a large ammount for the winter transfer window (Derby 7M). It also creates a lot more competition for players who you wouldn''t expect to get it, I doubt Pearson would be the centre of a bidding war were it not for the window.

I think this window makes the gap between the haves and have nots bigger, as well as creating a seller''s market (Rotherham would agree).


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