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  1. I''m a Midland Canary reliant on MOTD, Sky, and the ever reliable Ricardo for match info. But I am trying to understand what has happened to our mid-field. At the back end of last season it looked like Howson had found his feet and was becoming a dominant force to take us forward this season. Johnson, who I had my doubts about, was getting good reviews for his industry a few weeks ago. Then I would say that most fans thought that Snodgrass was a useful addition playing behind a big striker. From what I see so far, we have become more cautious in our approach play with CH whose aim is to try for more clean sheets (forgetting yesterdays shambles) compared with the more rampant lets score one more than we concede style of PL. So is it the system that the players haven''t adapted to, or the players themselves? Surely on paper the squad is better than a year ago. .
  2. This was one of my first Norwich games, and what a game! As you say so many stars on view. I was in awe, being 10 years old at the time.I remember the coverage on the TV about a Norwich fan whno had dyed his hair yellow and green.Am I right in thinking that Gordon Bolland scored  or has the memory gone.The headline the next day on the back of the Sunday  paper said  1000-1  Norwich  beat United.   Priceless!!!!!
  3. Here we go. First league defeat for  an age and  its all doom and gloom.Bad tactical decisions, bad loan signings, doesn''t want Hucks next season.Must have been 13 undefeated league flukes.Got to go, Glenn. Bring on Souness. He hasn''t lost a game for a while.And as for Delia! I blame her new book. 
  4. Just a line to say that according to the Birmingham FC website, Martin Taylor played for the reserves tonight  in the 2-1 win over Arsenal.
  5. Just to clarify things, I thought we had signed Lappin but got Fotheringham on loan until the end of the season.Or is he a permanent signing?
  6. Thanks for all the replies and also thanks for putting me right on all the transfer date errors. I remember them all joining/playing and moving on but can never remember the years when they happened. Well I was only few years out on the Paddon/Cross moves and thats not bad for me. Maybe Brown and Earnie will produce the same Big man - Little man combo as Cross and Bone. Well I might have a bad memory but I can still hope. Does show that we have done some trade with Coventry players tho Paddon, Mcguire, Hucks and Dion in Cross, Rosario, Bellamy and O''Neill out to my reckoning    
  7. Ah yes I remember Trevor Hockey coming in. One of a few buys to try and fend off relegation .Colin Suggett another I think. They were all Cup-tied  so the League Cup final team was a pretty patched up one. Memory is not so good. Was this the defeat to Spurs with the Ralph Coates goal. If so I was there for that one. We were never really in it. Wasnt at Stamford Bridge but I can remember hearing about Paddons goals,  I was over the moon.Saw plenty of him at Coventry which is local to me and always rated him. Mick Mcguire must have taken the same move around that time. Did Paddon move in part ex with David Cross?       
  8. Well it''s snowing hard enough here in the Midlands for me to say no to getting into work and so lets take a day off. The recent threads about the Scottish influx made me think about Jim Bone who came down from Bonny Scotland. Arbroath?? Not sure. I was at the first game we had in the old First Division against Everton which ended in a 1-1 draw and I reckon it was Jim that got the goal. I also remember that after a lovely sunny start, there was an absolute downpour and I ended up leaving the River end completely soaked for the 3 hour trip back. He linked up with David Cross for most of his time and lead to one Easter time head line in the Pink of the ''Hot Cross Bone show'' after a good win. Not sure what happened to him after that tho.      
  9. I think two other considerations should be:- 1)Who in the current side can we start to build a new team arround. 2) Can we afford to keep Earnshaw when the parachute money has gone.    
  10. I was just left wondering after the Huck comment the other day about contract expiries, when he said that some don''t want to be here. Assuming that Safri is one because he has admitted as such, who are the other wan-aways?  
  11. Good point, well made. Especially as we will loose the parachute payment from now on, so we can expext transfer monies to be far more limited. There can be no more Ashton//Earnshaw type buys. I cant understand why we dont try and buy young promising players. Even if say one in three/four come off it has to be a risk worth taking. I can remember when thats exactly how we madw our way in the past. David Cross Graham Paddon Kevin Reeves Chris Woods Steve Bruce, I think was a bargain buy from Gillingham. Dave Watson hardly cost a fortune (admitedly from Liverpool reserves) .  Thats just a few of the bargain buys. I think we were probably better at it than just about anyone. So why not get back to what we do best.                 
  12. For me it was straight forward today. We had absolutely NO midfield. Did Etuhu turn up today Hughes did nothing to create any sort of decent reputation. Robinson is not good enough. If you have no midfield you will win NOTHING.          
  13. I was wondering whether when Lee Croft is fit again that there is room  in the team to accommodate both him and Luke Chadwick. Croft seems a more definite wide man so can Chadwick play more right-side midfield in the same team? 
  14. Well most of the early posts are good for a laugh. Full of Eastern promise. So just about everyone would have been happy to take Alan Pardew if West Ham had even thought of giving him the push, but they dont trust his judgement of who he has as his assistant. So its off to the loony bin ...come on .. sack him... sack the board ... sack bloody lot... just in case he''s any good and there''s nothing to moan about. ha ha... ha ha...ha ha...ha ha.  the vans on its way !!!!!!         
  15. Am I right in thinking Greg Downs got the winning goal?
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