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Are we on sky?

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Apologies if I am being a bit stupid but I thought we were on sky on Sunday!

Am I wrong? Someone told me we were not.!!

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We''re not on Sky.

We''re not on Anglia, our so called "local" channel.

We''re not on BBC.

We''re not on a beamback to the stadium.

We''ll are on for 3 1/2 seconds if five live can tear themselves away from their beloved Arsenal.

Radio Norfolk for me too I reckon.

And good transfer work Board and Nige - fingers double crossed for Hucks.

Come on you yellows...


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Hopefully the break up of Sky''s monopoly will see games like this back on TV

The game would be a sellout telly or no telly

Anglia would get a massive local audience generating a fair bit of advertising revenue - enabling a decent fee to be paid to both clubs

And the fans of both clubs would get to see the game

Who be the loser ?

- other than the binners suffering another home defeat

- and Alan Brazil, I suppose, whose fat face would only fit the screens of those with a new wide screen tv

- and even they might think something is wrong with the colour when Lord Sheepy appears

- and also that their sound isn''t working if the North Stand is shown

perhaps Radio Norfolk doesn''t sound so bad after all

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