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  1. I have the same problem.. It''s useless, isn''t it?!
  2. Incredible!! What a great afternoon.. All we need to do is win!! Great.. Believe it and it will happen!  
  3. FANTASTIC!!! How sweet it is, how sweet! There''s life in the old dog yet.  I spent 85 minutes cursing the fact I couldn''t listen to Roy and Neil and having to listen to a couple of blokes with bad colds saying how West Brom were "murdering" Norwich only to savour that last 5 minutes when they had to swallow their ill-chosen words! Ha ha!  
  4. Green, Huckerby, Ashton & Francis... Naaaaaahh! Only joking!!!
  5. [quote]I thought this post was going to be in regards to Worthy''s change in touchline wear[/quote] Someone get the pic of Worthy in his suit on then...
  6. Well, having been away for a while I was just catching up on some old posts and found this beauty.  Thought it should be hoisted back up to the top just to remind Wiz.  It was like Pink ''Un message board "You''ve Been Framed" this thread!  Good work Wiz, you''ve just made someone else''s evening!   Carles
  7. It''s not looking good is it?  Anyone managed to get canaries world up and running yet?
  8. Didn''t work for me Canary Boy.  Could be ''cos I''m not in the country? Got excited for a moment there.  Rats!
  9. I''m having the same problem.  I''m resorting to listening to Sky round up programme.  Rubbish service! Just renewed my subscription too.  What are we paying for exactly?!!
  10. [quote]Oi Super Shaun Carey I think Kevin Campbell is a perfectly valid sugestion. Big, strong, experienced, good in the air, scored goals where ever he has played. Do you honestly believe he would have mes...[/quote] Hang on IFT, what''s wrong with being a teacher anyway? 
  11. I thought Jarvis was laid up with a nasty case of shingles...    Mullers has to play...
  12. OK, come on everyone.  It may have been a rubbish day yesterday, and I was sitting there, like we all were, wondering where this first win is coming from.  But, today I can see some positives. Leon.  He was great yesterday, someone on the board has criticised his performance but I thought he gave it his all and has firmly established his spot on the teamsheet. He''s taken some time adjusting but everyone saw what he could do yesterday in the second half.  Huckerby on the left.  He doesn''t look as isolated, especially with Svennson up front, he did well yesterday too.  He worries defenders a lot more cutting in from the left.  What a hair cut as well! The balance of the team in the second half.  They looked a solid unit after the break.  I would still try Mulryne instead of Holt.  I did think Holt looked much better yesterday but I''d like to see someone who can pass the ball in the middle of the pitch. That said, Holt did enough yesterday to make me think that he should stay in.  The attacking.  Loads improved, they looked hungry and capable of scoring.  OK, there were missed opportunities.  Those people that are saying we need to play that way for 90 minutes are totally right but at least we CAN play that way.  We''ve all seen it now.  The passing and movement were all there in that second half.  We have nothing to fear. Right.  Stop moaning, stop the negative thoughts.  We are not far off 13th place adn if that''s where we finish we''re all going to be pretty happy. OTBC!! 
  13. Lots of good points from everyone here. It was good to see the boys back on telly again after a few weeks without.  Roy Waller on the internet is good but being able to watch the game is great.  Let''s stay up so we don''t go back to being able to see 2 games a season, Reading & Ipswich... Obviously, initially gutting.  But later there were a lot of positives for me, I mean, what a great second half! I know, I know, you have to play for 90 minutes but doesn''t it give anyone a bit of heart to see how they played in the second half yesterday?  If that becomes the norm, which I think it will, then wins are not far away.  Navman, you are right that there are 9 games to the mid-way point.  That''s 9 (nine) games. Potentially 27 points, (although this is probably unlikely), and that''s only halfway. Bring it on, I say.  We play like that second half against Man City and we''ll beat ''em.  YC, you are spot on, we''ve seen they can play now.  They only have to have the guts to do it every game... OTBC!
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