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What gets'' me about today, is that on radio Norfolk people are moaning about having no Hucks in the team. Now, I''m no football manager, but I don''t think Hucks could have stopped them scoring 3 goals today!

Now I didn''t listen to the match commentary, as the golf is far more interesting, but 3-1 says it all doesn''t it! And then Worthington has the audacity to say he feels no pressure.

Now what I''d like to know is this; how did this team:  McCormick, Connolly, Seip, Doumbe, Capaldi, Norris, Wotton, Nalis, Buzsaky (Sawyer 64), Hayles (Chadwick 60), Ebanks-Blake (Reid 76).

Lose to this team: Gallacher, Colin, Fleming, Doherty, Boyle (Thorne 75), Safri (Dublin 55), Robinson, Etuhu, Croft (Ryan Jarvis 65), McVeigh, Earnshaw?

I fear that worrying times are ahead unless some substantial changes are made.

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compare that team with:

Green, edworthy Flemmo, Malky, Drury

Harper, Francis, Holt, Huckerby

Roberts Mckenzie.

thats the side that took us up. only 3 of them remin at the club 3 years on. looking through other squads in the Championship and i see sides have 6 or 7 players from that long ago who are still around the 1st team or on the bench.

Lets contrast the team above to the one that beat Manchester united

Green, Helveg, Shackell, Doherty, Drury

Bentley, Safri, Stuart, Huckerby

Ashton, McKenzie

4 of those players remain here. we have no continuity, some great players have been sold off and replaced with Piffle Like hughes, Robinson, and others.

If i was a player playing against City this season id be looking at the players they have let go, and looking at ythe players they have signed to replace them and would be wetting myself! id actually be thinking "6 easy points this season then" and looking forward to making them look even worse, This shows the lack of ambition the club has. start at the top, get them all out, and start again!

jas :)

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