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He is by far the best striker we have at the moment I think farke is hoping his signings are suddenly going to perform to make him look good I was thinking he was a good manager but not after today a complete shambles of team selection 

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I have precious little confidence that Idah will be leading the attack next season. He looked furious at languishing on the bench whilst the ineffective You Tube 'film star' with the model girlfriend made little impression of being a professional footballer. Only hope we can resist any offers like we did for Ben before he broke into the team. Sell Idah in the next few weeks and the game is well and truly up.  

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4 hours ago, canarycop said:

My thoughts

To go Cantwell to liverpool £30m

Aaron's to Spurs £30m

Lewis to Palace £20m

Buendia to Leeds £20m

Pukki to for some reason I think Southampton  £10m

Released for free 





If we get fees then great and we probably will cos Webber is a good operator

Got a funny but God feeling we are gonna be the new cant win anything with kids team......and we will

how on earth do you release some one on a 'free' whn they are contracted for another year or more ?

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