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National League null and void

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Sporting events will be one of the last things to be released from lockdown due to social distancing.  Clubs are in a no win situation as they lose financially if the continue behind closed doors. The bad PR of taking medical staff away from the NHS etc. Not a great option. 

Finishing the season now will have TV money problems.

As the days tick by I can’t see the PL season finishing. In my view the best fit solution that will be to extend the PL, add WBA and Leeds (I know 🤢). That’ll probably keep the TV people happy.  

There’s going to be legal challenges either way (Fulham probably won’t be too happy) I’d have thought but similar to West Ham Sheffield Utd Tevez case a few years ago the season carried on regardless. 

Most clubs are going to have financial problems next season (probably from Norwich downwards in the pecking order) as local advertisers won’t be able to afford to advertise, exec boxes will be harder to fill, maybe at reduced rates. This will impact on football for years to come a bit like when ITV Digital went bust a few years ago and clubs had already budgeted on that income spent on players etc. It took a few years for that to work through the system. Today’s situation is 10 times worse for the smaller clubs.

We’ll see.

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