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vs Sheffield United

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Sheffield United fan in peace. I run a YouTube account SUFCHistory where I try to share as much old footage of Sheffield United as I can find. Some of our old televised games have been against Norwich, and I wonder if you could point me to where I might be able to locate any of it, say, if it has been on a club video or DVD. 

The matches I'm looking for are...

Sat 20 Aug 1960 Norwich City A League D 1-1
Sat 17 Dec 1960 NORWICH CITY H League D 1-1

Sat 20 Dec 1969 Norwich City A League D 1-1

Sat 03 Apr 1971 NORWICH CITY H League D 0-0

Sat 09 Feb 1974 Norwich City A League L 1-2

Sat 27 Sep 1975 NORWICH CITY H League L 0-1

Thanks in advance for any help. 

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