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the pot is boiling.

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So.... Dean Ashton may or may not be leaving.....

 Fact of the matter is that something IS afoot at carrow road.... To start with lets look at 1 or 2 basic facts.

1. Before the game, the club announce Dean Ashton has a thigh strain, on Radio Norfolk Neil Adams says that he has "seen Dean Ashton before the game and he wasnt limping", the club hastily announce that Dean Ashton has a "groin strain" and that Worthington "has proof"

2. This proof is never going to appear in the public domain, data protection and the like... so who''s to say just What injury deano has.. or indeed what "proof" Nigel claims to be in possesion of.

3. on Radio Norfolk Neil Adams says he was in the press lounge before the game and everyone was asking Ashton "why arent u playing today?" or "whats the news with the injury" Ashton would just grin and say he couldnt answer any questions.... surely an injured player can update the press on their progress?

4. We Sign Dixon (Desmond) thuthu (Etuhu)... for £500,000.. chairman Munby comes out and says "there is no more money for Nigel this season".. yet days later we are linked with Cameron Jerome, Gary McSheffrey, and a possible bid for Robinson... Worthington has said of Jerome "we have made enquiries" and "we like McSheffrey".

 Pray tell me then, someone... That as Nigel has "no money" and these transfers could cost us intotal in excess of 4 million pounds where this money is coming from????? add this to the fact that Dean Ashton wasnt playing, the club changed its mind about his injury and its "proof" and Deano couldnt answer questions himself, and surely its pretty clear why our head in the sand board is losing respect from its fans.....

 when the protest took place earlier in the season, we were to0ld that someone from the board was "coming out to talk to us in the next 10 minutes" 40 minutes later and wse were still out there, chanting "come out and talk to us...." yet another lie in the face of the fans...

as far as im concerned this club can shove its "prudence and ambition" right where the sun doesnt shine... we are called "the best fans in the world" by a board that bats any form of criticism away, lies to its fans, comes out with conflicting stories and generally doesnt know what its doing....

 As someone said the other day with Fat man Chase at least u knew where u stood.. once u had a half decent player he was off... with this regime its cloak and dagger and "Bobby Bull****" in the hope of appeasing the more narrow minded of fans or tring to convince ALL of us we are idiots....

If dean Ashton "isnt for sale" then i fully expect him to be here in 2009 whn his contract is up then... we know that we want £7 million for him.. and im fully expecting a club to offer it so worthy can have his mcsheffers and his Jerome... and the board will still sit smugly knowing that, from their ivory towers, they can continue to lie and swindle the people who put them in power in the first place!

jas :)

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For weeks Neil Adams has been saying on Canary Call that he fully expects Ashton to not be at the Club come February.

On Saturday after the match he said there was going to be an announcement by the board and he guessed what it was.  There was no announcement????? Nigel came on as usual, gave it the usual spout and said Dean is going nowhere. He didnt sound particularly convincing I have to say.  Was that the announcement we were all sitting waiting for?



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Jas get a grip mate this is the situation from NCFCs point of view as i see it anyway

If a club comes in with a bid of x amount or above then Dean Ashton will be given permission to speak to said club if he wants to.

2) if he did have any sort of a groin strain I and they would rather he missed the west ham game because

   a) if he stays, so he doesnt aggravate the injury ala robinson and miss vital championship games

   b) if clubs do want to pay x amount then he needs to be fit, not injured

   c) if clubs do want to pay x amount they may try and quibble the figure down if he is cup tied.  If Deano wants to leave to said club this can only be bad for us.

   d) we had a seriously weekened side out anyway, everyone new we would probably lose so why risk it.  Also Worthy doesnt seem to care about cup competitions anyway so its to be expected.

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i saw ashton during the game when he was walking through our lounge. we asked him outright "so where are you going to deano?"

he looked and acted as if it was the first time he has been ever asked that question and replied "nowhere, i''m staying here"  we laughed at that, but he really did seem honest when he said again that he was staying here and that he had a thigh strain.

generally, when a player knows they are off and they are asked about it they will look sheepish and give a shrug etc. and say nothing positive or negative.

dean looked geuinely put out when we asked him, it could be that he had been answering that same question all day and was getting hacked off with it, or it could be that, as our immediate thoughts were after he had left, was that as far as he is concerned at the moment he is staying and it is all just talk.

i am not saying that he will still be here come the end of january, but i do have the feeling that some people are having a go at the board for selling a player before they even do so, they cant win can they? is this going to happen every time we have a great player on our books? bigger clubs will always come sniffing and there will always be talk about them moving on, so what do we do? should we no longer sign amazing future talent because in the end they will just leave us? just face it, ashtons gonna leave in the future at some point, just hopefully not this month.

and as for having a pop at the board for making a few enquiries about players like jerome and mcshefferey. dont use the fact that they may be preparing for a future without dean, because would you rather that they dont? or are you just gonna bury you head in the sand until the end of january and hope that he is still here?         

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