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January signings?

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With or without Worthington, what new players do we need, in addition to improved tactics, selection and motivation?

The most glaring deficiency is still in the midfield - different

collections of players who seem to melt away, back off from challenges

and generally contribute very little. There may be activity there, but

it seems to be to little purpose and little shape.

1) A wide-right,winger, missing for several seasons now. We have had a

succession of strikers or semi-strikers played there. I do not doubt

the effort of some, e.g. Hendo, but it is something of a specialist

position to get round the back to the by-line and cross accurately for

Ashton or Thorne to score. It is to be hoped that Hux will similarly

take on fullbacks again, even if he has to pull back on to his right


2) At least one central midfielder, comfortable on the ball and who can

make things happen by spotting and taking passing opportunities - a

Mulryne with vision. This is the best way to supply Ashton with the

service he needs, and would provide variety to the long ball out of

defence to Ashton''s chest or higher, service which means that he is

marked long before the ball arrives. Many of the goals Ashton scored at

Crewe were from defence splitting passes along the ground which reached

him only a short distance into the opponenents'' half. He may not have

dazzling pace, but he is difficult to prise off the ball when he is

running purposefully towards goal.


If, as seems likely, money will be short, I would prefer the above

to signing Davenport, unless we can get him on loan again. Even with

him we are shipping goals. My feeling is that if we attacked more, and

if we had an effective midfield who got their tackles in , then the

defence with or without Davenport would cope much better. LJ and Colin

so far do not seem to have been up to the job. If Wright does not

return, play Flem at right back, even if he is short of pace. I would

not put him back into the centre against some of the bruising strikers

we face. I would put Shackle in, and persevere with him. He ought to be

fit by now. Failing this, why not Charlton? He coped in the Premiership.

With an effective midfield in place of the headless chickens, and a

defence which is organised and keeps its shape, we could play much

better. With better tactics and motivation in addition, we might even

get somewhere near the play-offs.

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I am with you on the contentious bit salopian.   Calum has built a good partnership with Doc but if funds are tight I still think the midfield is the weakest link,  assuming Shax can get himself fit and picked.  In an ideal world I would like to sign Calum and 2 midfielders but I cant see that happening.

Out wide perhaps the like of Commons (to expensive now?) would do well but to be honest the number of wingers out there is small.  For midfield the likes of Idiakez remains a pipe dream but Brown from Spurs on long term loan would fit the bill perfectly. 



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still wouldnt mind seeing Kevin Cooper... he did ok on his loan spell here and hes a right Winger! one of those mythical figures in Worthingtons eyes

jas :)

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