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Norwich vs Leeds 25/8/18

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Have revisited this link and report



scroll down and watch/listen to Michael Bailey's report. Some interesting comments about Krul/Trybull/Leeds themselves

Also about the defence will be the platform to build off, as it won't come from scoring goals!

Note that a lot of  the most influential players on our season, started on the bench that day.

Loved the comment about the Cardiff game "We will be there, so you don't have to"!! 

Mentioned consistency, well they have certainly delivered Michael!

With Daniel Farke's interview, loved the question by the reporter at approx 2.40 🙂 

Amazing season.

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It's interesting to hear Michael Bailey's thoughts, and they are pretty much how the huge majority of us were thinking at that time tbh. 

Listening to DF though, and you can see he is frustrated but he seems to think we weren't too far away from Leeds at that time. He's a good judge............

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