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Chris MacDonald

Not Using Real Name???????

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What do you mean not using real name!!!!

Below is a partial Quote from what Worthington said last night at the AGM.

He was, to be fair only addressing rumours concerning players and their personal lives, but he did go on a bit about people on the internet not having the guts to use their real names etc, etc.

I have never made any Degrading remarks about players or thier Wives or for that matter any Supporters of other Clubs from any Division in the Football League be it Professional or Non Professional. This includes International and Domestic Leagues around the World.

I never used an alias THIS IS MY REAL NAME.

                       So Therefore

All Football Forums Of any kind should not have the Facility for the user to have an alias. Is that what Wortington is Implying?

I myself, like a lot of supporters, see what is going on on the football field during Match days and tell it like it is.

We will see tonight against Cardiff......I do hope we will win.

Shareholders meetings are for the boardroom and shareholders but in reality they are nothing to do with what goes on on the field of play.

I wonder what would happen to the shares in Norwich City Football Club if they were allowed by individuals to be traded on the Stockmarket. I wonder how many shareholders would hang onto their share''s then?... a £25 share on the Stock Market, would it still be worth £25 now given our decline and freefall to our current perilous position?


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I too reacted the same but having apologised still feel there is something in the response that is having a dig at these types of fora. 

We do get the occassional ''furriner'' on this board but they are pretty easy to spot.  While there are clear groups of posters the repeat posters all passionately love the club.  Any questioning on rumours heard on here is about verification than generation and around trying to understand how it impacts our club if true and wanting knowledge.   I struggle to recall any malicious rumour spreading.

I do get a probably irrational feeling that the club does not want us to discuss the current woes.   Its a small bandwagon, evil message boards etc suggesting that it is the occassional poster on sites like these trying to create a destructive force around the club.

NCFC is my club, not in shareownership but in a much more entranched love connection.   I cannot see it get relegated with sharing what I see and feel.   I do not deserve to be patronised like that for sharing thoughts from the heart.






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I have now come out and decided that in the interests of reality (and to avoid being tainted with the very wide brush used by our beloved team''s manager when referring to internet users) I now renounce the name Plastic Scouser.   I have no problem with this and don''t see what his problem is?   Or is the truth a little bit painful eh Nige?

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I am a bit lost here as I am not aware of the rumours being referred to - and I guess I don''t want to know.

I think the best way of dealing with rumours is to simply tell the truth. Having read Iwan Roberts book, I am not sure we have always been told the truth by the club. Given that it is not surprising that rumours thrive - particularly when things are going badly for us.

Telling the truth does not mean telling all details. For example, if two players have a fight in training, this could be acknowledged and said that the club is dealing with the matter internally. If a player is dropped for disciplinary reasons, this could be mentioned without saying what the details are, couldn''t it?

The problem is that decisions seem to be made without clear justification - in this environment rumours thrive. Frankly, if the official site was a bit more informative this would help a lot.

I think many posters use nicknames because they are fun and if they are like me find it easier to participate with a degree of anonymity in fora which sometimes can seem quite personal and abusive (less so on this particular board IMO).

However, I think the idea that we are truly anonymous is not correct. Presumably the moderators know who we are. If we break laws, e.g. by making racist comments or libelling someone, we could be traced, couldn''t we? I have been looking into this issue and it seems you can be prosecuted for what you say on a board like this - but that most of the cases brought to try to force disclosure of identity have been by companies unhappy with criticism of them. It seems that the organisation hosting the board can not be prosecuted but this might be different if the board is moderated?

I think Worthington is on thin ice when he starts criticising the fans, in general, and all people who post on message boards not using their real names, in particular.  

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