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Ye Olde England - Sack the manager

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I was unsure where to put this thread as there isn''t an section for non Norwich based football discussion so here it it.

Well it appears the fool who manages England is yet again going to be playing Beckham, forcing others to play out of position. I will allow the comments of others to give some substance to this post.

"He needs to be stronger tell becks to play wide right or sit on the bench. If he drifts in to central midfield SUB HIM. With Gary ''tash'' Nevile out we will have an inexperenced right back playing and he will need support ahead of him, not just acres of space where becks used to be before he decided he was a central midfielder!!

I do think that Lamps & Gerard can play together, if they are told to cover each other, they cant both waddle upfield supporting the strikers!!"

"Eriksson IS weak.
Why on earth is he ''experimenting'' in a World Cup qualifier. The Denmark game was adequate experimentation !!

Rooney is never a target man, he works best dropping off deep and feeding off another striker. Beckham is not a holding midfielder !
Joe Cole shouldn''t be expected to play well as a touchline left winger - he likes to drift in.

The guy is clueless !! U watch Hansen & Lineker roast him in the pre-match warm up and after the game if it ends 0-0."

"R U so right..Eriksson should stick to his most comfortable 4-4-2 formation, and ask players to gel together to bond a good understand..rather than change tactics to suit ''senior'' playes, OK, this is plan B...but what about next Wednesday??..when Owen comes back??..so what happens if England beat Wales 5-0...will Mr Eriksson drops Owen...i doubt it...that means England don''t get the fluency to carry to the next game...On the other hand, i don''t think Defoe combined well with his team, so this 4-5-1 formation might be better...so Me Eriksson does have PLAN B if a MAJOR player is off."

Why don''t we do a boss swap for a little while... see how that works out

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Not only do we have to worry about norwich, but england are clueless too.

If you play a midfielder deep, as sven intends to deploy beckham, surely this would require him to be defence aware i.e. he would have to be able to tackle, which Beckham by his own admission cannot do. Lunacy!

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Svens announcement today was wrong on so so many levels.

However what really worries me is that depite his obvious shortfalls there is still no obvious alternative to take over from him, the strongest three being. 

Allardyce - a one man club with limited exposure to high profile pressure, who plays a Graham Taylor-esque style of football that is too easy to combat in europe when the best english players are not suited to that style of football anyway.  Is well liked though and the fans favourite??

McLaren - What real sucess has he had from a bankrolled side?  Inconsistency seems to be his teams forte.  Probably the best of the three.

Peter Taylor - too may failures as he gets to bigger clubs wth better players to be really considered.

They might bring more passion but as own teams efforts showed last year that is not enough at the highest of levels.

Personally I think the next manager has to be a foreigner again and  would look to Guus Hiddink?  Any other suggestions?


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