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  1. Is it out of the question for him to stick around for a few more seasons? Pulis has transformed Stoke and let''s face it, we''re all hoping City are on a similar path, aren''t we? I believe he will leave for the right job, but will see Villa as a pointless and career tarnishing risk. Martinez turned it down and Lambert should do to (if offered it). I suspect he will stay if he''s given the necessary funds to push the club forward.
  2. I will always fondly remember Roy talking us through City''s struggles with his delicious accent. Listening to Roy on Radio Norfolk takes me back to being a teenager. He makes me think of home and will be sadly missed.
  3. I like your thoughts on the issue of ''spin'' and marketing. No doubt we will be told that League One is the heart of English football and that if we carry on paying the incredible ticket prices Norwich will bounce straight back. I wonder if they''ll drop the regular ticket prices to reflect the low quality on offer. Surely, they have to. They;d be better off with a satdium full of people paying less than full price than a hlaf full stadium paying full price wouldn''t they? Even if that didn''t make sense financially, surely it would make sense in terms of the noise levels and the morale of the team. My Dad has been saying for years that if we dropped a division we''d find many teams that would turn us over. I fear he is right. The team has become the embodiment of this ''family club'' - nice guys, very sweet, but not really very serious about getting stuck in. I hope we''re able to get out of the danger and that Gunn (or whoever is in charge) is allowed to shape a team next season. If there is no money to play with then they must work with the current squad and the youngsters (two of whom seem to be doing ok at Luton). I find it unacceptable that a team with Norwich''s facilities should be out played and out fought by teams like Doncaster Rovers.  
  4. [quote user="Dogger "]Cos they hate the fact that Yarmouth has a better beach!![/quote] Respect for this comment! Great Yarmouth rules!!!
  5. I would recommend that anyone read The Football Factory (but not watch the film). It examines masculinity, social class and the role violence plays in this. However, if your interest is purely nonsense football violence why not watch Green Street instead?
  6. Hejust looked young and nervous. Many people get nervous when there are cameras pointed at them - he''ll soon get used to it. I think it''s refreshing that a player doesn''t seem to think he''s God''s gift. Also, he looked a bit embarrassed having to sit and listen to Grant sing his praises - it looked like a parents'' evening at school.
  7. Norwich have always seemed to hoof the ball up field regardless of the size of the striker / forward player! The amount of times I saw the ball fly miles over Eadie''s head used to make me wince.  
  8. As those stars leave the league others have the chance to be the stars. Step up to the plate Chris Martin [:)]
  9. I like Grant''s hardline approach. Worthy was a nice guy, but Grant seems determined to succeed. If youngsters have come back in poor shape then they should be given a dressing down. It''s unprofessional and an insult to the club and the fans if they can''t be bothered (especially given the money in football). Respect to Grant for bringing back some much needed professionalism to City.
  10. A couple more signings and (just as crucially) we need to stay injury free. Playoffs is a realistic shout - you don''t have to be that good to finish 6th...[:D]
  11. If the big striker signs I''ll be very happy and even more optimistic. Anything will be better then Chris Brown I fear.
  12. At the end of last season I was worried about next season. I just felt that we''d be useless again and fail to even get a sniff of the play-offs. I couldn''t see us offloading the dross and good signings seemed even less likely. However, with the latest signings and maybe a couple more I suddenly feel much more optimistic. Is anyone else starting to feel positive?
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