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A Load of Squit

Nice Story from WOTB

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Nice story

My Uncle took his 13/14 year old grand daughter to the away

supporters party and the queues to meet the players were so long that

the players had left before they got to the front to get her shirt

signed by her heroes.

Looking for a seat to sit the tearful girl down to recover from her

disappointment, the only 2 chairs free were with "4 blokes in black

shirts" who turned out to be Ed Wootten, Edmund Riemer, Christian

Fluthmann and Chris Domogalla who were happy to let them sit down. My

uncle, who''s first game was in 1959, was obviously wholly uninterested

in meeting the players but mildly berated Farke''s backroom staff on

behalf of his Grand Daughter about the players leaving.

Ed Wootten, supported by the other 3, suggested that she attend training

today, have breakfast with the squad and then take all the pictures and

get as many shirt signatures as she required. My Uncle chose to play

golf instead (!), but she went along with her Mum and younger sister and

had the "best day of her life"

That''s pretty cool isn''t it? Although my uncle can be a pain in the arse so they probably just gave in to him "gorn on"

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[quote user="ron obvious"]Excellent stuff. Just love this club.[/quote]

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