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Would be extremely disappointed if, after all this, we appoint "a friend" of Delia''s in Hodgson.

I assumed this was exactly what we originally wanted when Royle was appointed, and then uncerimonously departed with haste. A senior, experienced figure to support a younger manager.

We''ve had best part of two years to put Hodgson in a DOF or similar role, since Royle left, so for me this would be yet another serious failure of the Board.

As Balls said in his interview "we accept our failures and want to get it right this time". It''s a shame the axe always falls on the managers head, and not this Boards, for the failures they have made. Are they not accountable too?

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I have no evidence to back this up Sam but i couldnt see AN working under/alongside a DoF. He seems very single minded an maybe a touch of Napoleon Syndrome. ( Doffs cap in Morto''s direction). Maybe this is all coming to pass as it should, no rush , sort it out and get the Club back on track. We may not even end up with a DoF...it might not even be in the plan.Don''t knock the idea of a ''friend'', contacts are very important.

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