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Dr. Ink

Song for Pritchard

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I don''t take the credit for this, as it was posted on FB by a Mr Warman, but I like it, and thought it was worth sharing...[8]His name is Alex PritchardHe wears a magic hatHe could have signed for Hughtonbut he said no fck thatInstead he''s signed for CityThe Prem is in his sightAnd when he takes us upWe''ll sing this song all night.[8]

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Here was my attempt yesterday I posted on another thread...............

Driving along in his automobile

His agent beside him at the wheel

The road is blocked, nowhere to go

Yellows come calling

Pritchard says what a shout

Gonna go where life is never dull

Didn''t ever want to be a seagull

I know, but it seemed to work in my head at the time....

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