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Barking Mad Barclay Boy

Big ask Ipswich tickets

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Good Morning,

Being thoughtful for a friend resulted in me not getting a ticket either, i had both of ours in the basket this morning then realised my friend had 1100 points instead of the 1150, therefore having to wait till tommorow to try get tickets together, doing so resulted in the tickets being sold out.

Nevermind, i thought id put a shout out there for 2 tickets together, if there are people who have purchased too many or now cant go, let me know and ill purchase them off you.


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Looking on the Scum website it shows 14 yes 14 blocks throughout the ground where there is still what is described as '' Good '' availability in the home areas with several as '' Limited '' and only 4 or 5 as '' Sold out ''. We know that V1,V2 and E blocks were allocated to Norwich City but the family area in the Lower Cobbold that we usually get is shown as '' Unavailable '' yet we did not have that area on sale so what is happening there ?

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