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Yellow and Green

The New CEO

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Since McNally''s resignation, there have been plenty of views aired about his successes and failures in articles, message boards and on social media outlets.

Personally, despite his mistakes, I always felt that he would learn from them, be determined to right the wrongs and further improve the club to become more of a success in the future. With him and Alex Neil in control, I felt confident about next season; we would be in safe hands - whatever league we are in. But without him, I have no idea which way the club will go. A poor replacement and we could sink like a stone.

So what do we want from the new CEO? What attributes does he/she need and what areas of the club do they need to focus on?

Taking a mix of the good and bad points from McNally''s tenure, these are the things that I would hope for:

1) Always looking to improve/push the club forward.

2) Run the club as a business (until we get rich owners).

3) Look to expand the stadium, at the right time.

4) Be ambitious.

5) Get the managerial appointments right.

6) Give the manager control of transfers and football related activities.

7) Sort out the club''s recruitment - ensuring we have an extensive scouting network throughout the UK and abroad.

8) Be pro-active and forward thinking, including facilities and transfers - not signing ''has-beens''.

9) Comunicate with the fans and local community... Be honest! McNally was generally very good with that and I have a feeling that the less we hear from Ed ''politician spin BS'' Balls, the better!

10) Be shrewed in negotiations. McNasty was a good name to have as a CEO.

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A single minded, infectious drive to put this club in the best position it possibly can be, some useful contacts in the game and an eye for a good manager should for whatever reason it all go wrong with Neil. Basically McNally but with more high level footballing connections to attract better players/coaches/investment.

McNally was near enough as good as it gets for a club of our size. It would take a really special candidate to be a significant upgrade on him.

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