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Funny old game

85 to now

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Was 19 with all my life before me, now 49 with the benefit of wisdom and achy knees. The Berlin Wall and Iron curtain were still there, I had my first car, a shit brown Austin allegro. Carling black label at less than £1 a pint. After a game I''d wait eagerly for the van to arrive with the hard copy pinkun and devour every word in it. 2015 we have t''internet and instant forums. Retirement is not too far away on the horizon and I worry how I''ll afford university fees for my kids. Will I still be around in 30 years time, what will the future look like. Les than 3 hrs to kick off, I can''t honestly think of an occasion in my life when I''ve been more nervous. That''s my last 30 years, what about yours? COYY

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