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  1. [quote user="City1st"]I''ll get my mate to bring one back with him - there''s usually a few ripped outotherwise why not simply buy a ticket elsewhere in the ground, there''s loads to spare [/quote] Can your mate just get him a child instead?
  2. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]He needs at least 4 points v Watford and Blackburn in the home games coming up. Whilst there may be some good will towards him, there is not a lot of confidence amongst supporters still shocked by his appointment. There is only one way to silence your critics that is win games. The Wolves game was a very bad start. Unless he is up and running amongst the top 6 by the end of September it will be optuion B time who ever that may be[/quote] That''s about right. The real problem is there''s no reason to have any faith at the moment, he''s just the only thing with a pulse that could have been shoehorned in. Real truth is that he''s not shown any spark and the fear is that he does turn out to be mediocre and we find ourselves mid-table 10 games in, before we give him the boot. The board need to be hunting as of last year and should already have a shortlist, but if we''re not taking 10 points from the next 4 games, it''s got to be time up.
  3. Nah mate, we wanted them buried. Arsenal mean nothing to us. We need to see Swansea starved.
  4. And the other point: frankly the bottom of the the table this year is a joke. If Hughton gets sacked for surviving on a shoe string who''re you going to shoe-horn in? Lambert''s spending twice as much for his extra two points at the moment. He needs to build a squad. If it sinks he''s for the high jump, but he''s not done badly for the budget so far. Money, money, money.
  5. Yes. We''ve spent sod all, we''ve got money in the bank, and we''d have watched over-spending chancers with better on paper squads sink. My problem''s not Hughton, we''re just suffering because we''ve not bankrupted ourselves buying overpriced mediocrity. We do need more talent and we do need more aggression, but I''d rather live to fight another day than piss the pittance we do have up a wall. Do I enjoy biting my fingers off? No. But we''ve got the lowest wage bill in the Premiership and you get what you pay for. If we stay up the watch word needs to be "Smart Money".
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