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  1. bigvillygreeno

    Ipswich away seat needed ....

    Please lads or lasses if you have one spare could you let me know on 07867 518973 thanks :)
  2. bigvillygreeno

    Ipswich away seat needed ....

    Love it City 1st!! Although there will probably be some bins being man handled as well.....

    Please chaps if one does become available( and not a bin) please give me a shout , cheers fellow Pinkies....
  3. bigvillygreeno

    Derby V Norwich

    Listen very carefully I shall say this only once :)
  4. bigvillygreeno

    Derby V Norwich

    Hi Dave, sent you an e mail re Beer! :)
  5. bigvillygreeno

    Ipswich away seat needed ....

    Hi if anyone has a spare seat for this fixture could you please contact me karl@mail2football.com or private message thanks.
  6. Seconded we are a flaming laughing stock , I never have had an axe to grind or give the team stick, but it really is time! Now where are those camels Delia...
  7. Yep, seconded Paul, cheers for sharing OTBC
  8. bigvillygreeno

    X-Men To Save Our City

    Very funny ... They may want to know if Adams has a large Didgeridoo .....
  9. bigvillygreeno

    I wonder what our managers first words will be?

    Perhaps it could go like this...

  10. bigvillygreeno

    2 O'clock Press Conference

    oh friend, press conference friend :-) Made me look though... please don''t let it be the puppet man ....
  11. Also can you have a look out for any cars parked at Dodgy angles
  12. Hi Ladies and Gents , I have tried through Fulham to get a ticket in neutral zone but to no avail as need a booking history,I have also contacted NCFC to let me know of any returns, if any one has a spare ticket could you let me know please at hills.karl@yahoo.co.uk much appreciated Karl OTBC
  13. bigvillygreeno

    Thankyou Aviva and NCFC re Training Day.

    Hi guys and gals i was one of the lucky winners of a training sessions at colney yesterday it was a fantastic experience and i believe that Aviva will be running future competitions.The Training with iwan and Gary Holt was great, we were given a meal in the players cantten, in fact the same meal the players had before leaving for Liverpool(not their leftovers) :)

    We then were given a tour of colney, boot room, wash room, gym, physio room , players changing room with a Q and A session with Iwan.

    All in all a great experience although i do ache this morning!:)
  14. bigvillygreeno

    Aviva Training Day at Colney next Friday

    Yesssssss just been told i have got a place cmon!!!

    The pink un and snakepit lol will have some representation, cant believe it, will be a great afternoon Cmon OTBC.......
  15. Was it Ronnie Whelan? Those were the days on the Terraces, Jumpers for Goalposts, Julio Gordio in the fast show........