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  1. Cheers for the proof boys! Even too afraid to admit it to themselves that we as fans have been abysmal. And while we do deserve better, so do others...
  2. Okay here me out, us Norwich fans are pretty diabolical at the moment. Here''s how: Flat atmosphere pretty much every game. Fighting and verbally assaulting (at games and keyboard warriors) one another really obscenely. No matter what the team does, whether we win with a good performance or lose with a poor one - we moan about the most petty of things. And the Barclay and Snake pit seem to go on holiday for cup games. Why have these situations occurred? Because of a lack of goals and nice looking football. We all know we have played well below expectation levels this season. The situation is only getting worse so here''s my solution, keep Hughton, keep Calderwood and Trollope et al. Bring in another coach or two who knows how to attack! McNally said when Lambert left that he wanted him to expand his coaching team, so why hasn''t McNally made Hughton expand his? We could promote Adams - he probably deserves the opportunity - or we should look to bring someone in. Thus we would actually have someone who knows how to score, teaching others how to score. Because at the moment I imagine our attacking sessions are like being in English with a calculator. Wake up and smell the coffee guys, we are all responsible enough to realise our duties.
  3. I think the whole crowd should sing Happy Birthday to Russell Martin today! Everyone loves him and it would be class to hear everyone singing happy birthday!
  4. My perfect transfer window would be to bring in Naughton, Caulker, Huddlestone and Townsend (although now townsend is big and unrealistic now I would have to say Ince). Unfortunately only two of these 4 transfers seem viable. Missed opportunities with Huddlestone and Caulker last summer... let''s hope Hull and Cardiff go down
  5. My email address is brodienumber12@live.com if you wish to contact me zema...
  6. Happy days! How should I go about contacting you then? And do you want anything for the ticket?
  7. Just PM''d you if it''s still available? PS: not a plastic fan, just a student (used to be a season ticket holder) back for Christmas :)
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