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  1. On Sky Sports it saying that Stoke met the Valuation of Redders but we refused to sell, I personally think he should of kept that to himself instead of ''defending his lack of signings'' as it said, I think they have done well this window too :/
  2. People seem to be trying to look to hard into things almost like they want Adams to fail! I have looked through Adams quotes (although very briefly) and it seems he was talking about Hooper and Pilks at the same time, and all he said was Pilks didnt train Friday but travelled down, he then started talking about Hooper so maybe he was misquoted by inadequate journos??? But I would hate to support my teams manager or anything
  3. Darnell Fisher from Celtic, right back, quick agile and young....
  4. Alas I am at work tomorrow and looking to stream the game on a tactical lunch break anyone know of any good streaming sites
  5. I completely agree with everything you said and I moaned and grumble I''m just simply highlighting a few people make a few little mistake something major and overlook the hard work and skill that got us here in the first place
  6. I have been avidly watching this forum for a while now and something that never cease''s to amaze me is a select fees constant crap of how key players are useless as they had one bad game, getting on players backs is going to effect their performance it happened with Torres and Downing both of which I rate at good players but have had so many people saying your crap it was bound to effect the performance. Even the like of Shearer and Andy Cole had bad games, they even had some notable goal droughts between but the fans supported them and helped them get back to where they have the potential to be! I just hope some of players do not read the negative comments you leave them as I think they all give our club everything every game, RVW proved this just this weekend, so why don''t we do what we are supposed to and support our team instead of criticising the players that got us here in the first place
  7. I agree it looks like we play for the draw to much and we do need to utilise our newfound strikeforce but the organisation in our play has come on leaps and bounds and once everyone gets to know how each other plays I think we are on to something, remember a lot of these players have only had three compatible matches together.
  8. Last season Snoddy was a key player and still will be, fair enough he has made a few bad choices in the last few games but with all the changes within the team I think we just need to give them time after all he can''t be amazing all the time, he is human We just need to give them time to gel, having said that I hope it''s not too long specially considering our end of season games this campaign.
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