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  1. http://www.myfootballfacts.com/All-TimeTopFlightPointsTable1888-89to2010-11.html If these stats are correct then this season (unless we have a terrible season) we should overtake Charlton and Blackpool and be breathing down scum necks in top flight history. A couple of seasons in the Prem and we should overtake them. Interesting to see we will also have our 1000th top flight match next season too.
  2. If keelan counts then him, but alas I am too young to have seen him play, just folklore to me. Using the same rules, since I have been watching Norwich Zambian born Welsh international Rob Earnshaw comes to mind with his better-than-a-goal-every-two-games ratio. Damian Francis was good if you count English-born foreign internationals (Jamaica). But, using undeniable foreign player criteria Steeno was solid and likable. Tettey is well on his way though if he stays and helps makes us a success this season.
  3. If we clump holding and creative midfielders into one. We currently have: Tettey, Johnson, O''Neil, Howson, Surman, Hoolahan and you can arguably add McGrandles (can play as a creative midfielder) and E Bennett (as he played C Mid v Crawley) into the mix too. That''s between 6 and 8 players vying for a maximum of 4 positions at any one time (which makes it look like the diamond may be in NA''s mind for a few matches this season - which wastes Redmond and Murphy''s talents IMO). Even less positions when playing with variations of 3 or 2 in central midfield positions. With the rumoured imminent signing of the Belgium midfielder, it looks to me like the writing may well be on the wall for Tettey and/or Surman, both being linked with moves away in recent times. Can anyone really see us keeping all of those midfield options at the club? If not, who do you think should or will likely be sacrificed?
  4. I know it''s all speculation and figures based on press estimations but if we signed RVW, Hooper and Vydra to add to Becchio as our strikeforce for under £25m altogether (excluding wages) this summer, making that under £20m net (with the sales of Holt and Vaughan and losing the wages of Jackson, Martin and Kamara) I call that good transfer business. Although all those players are premier league risks I would consider that a very good forward line for the division and all of that costing less than one Rooney or Suarez. Do others agree that sounds a decent transfer window if that''s how it panned out?
  5. Ola toolvonen! Thing is, I''ve only ever seen his agent hint that Norwich would be a good move, with ola seemingly only quoted as saying negative things about a potential move to Norwich. My guess would be that he feels his agent is encouraging a move he isn''t keen on. If he signs for us then my theory is wrong.
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