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  1. Normally one of the first players I get on fifa! Would love to see him at Norwich but can''t quite see it happening.
  2. This is amazing! You''re such a talent! You managed to make me look kind of good
  3. Emailed my pic from the day as well! Such an amazing day for so many reasons! Truly epic
  4. I guess I''ll have to take a trip to Norwich and find out for myself
  5. The last time they played together, Johnson said that Barton''s breath stinks. We don''t want Johnson getting stabbed now, do we.
  6. I really just wanna see Gary Hooper in a Norwich shirt next season! We''ve waited since January for this!
  7. I seriously hope not! Imagine Johnson and Barton in training. Don''t think it''d go down to well...
  8. Due to my dad being in the army, I don''t live near Norwich anymore :/
  9. I dunno whether to get a long or short sleeve home kit. Last season I got the LS shirt and the cuffs really annoyed me. Are they the same this year, does anybody know? A picture would be great!
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