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  1. Very clever whats the point then I might as well go and take my season ticket back to the club because everyone here says hes gonna be a failure !! the 10 games was regarding judgement of style, tactics, players etc not setting him up to fail, but if that is your opinion of me then thats fine I apologise for not thinking the season is over already before a ball has been kicked.
  2. Whats the point in all this ranting and the negative stuff ??? Its done he ain''t going anywhere now lets get behind he''s gonna need us ALL, if not then you might as well go and support Man City Chelsea or Liverpool. The Club need the fans . Disappointing ???? yes underwhelming ????yes but its not gonna change so lets talk about players away games this negativity breeds failure!!! lets just give him 10 games at see how we go! CITY TILL I DIE!!
  3. [quote user="Number 9"]Having a medical for the next few days[/quote] Source??
  4. Ha ha a very amusing read, one very deluded fan of a club resting there hopes Noel hunt a player scoring 30 goals in 160 odd games hardly exciting figures!!!
  5. [quote user="NCFCgardener"]The promoted teams are gambling their future to stay in the Prem, I wouldnt want Norwich to do that. Palace are expected to sign Dwight Gayle for £8.5m, thats excessive to me. Cardiff are trying to sign Wanayama for £12m, again alot of money. Cardiff have signed the young Danish international which is a very good signing, but he is 1 player. Norwich have signed RVW, a dutch international striker for around the same fee. So tell me, who is doing the best business. [/quote] Spot on!
  6. Only think that was missing was "we are definitely going down" !
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