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  1. John Ruddy would lose a bit of my respect if he went to Chelsea now, as I''ve always seem him as much more intelligent than that, I''d see it as a money-motivated move rather than a career-minded one. He is better of staying where he is until one of the bigger clubs has a vacancy for #1 spot. 
  2. I think he is well worth at least one more season, but potentially even the season after that too, it is a squad game at this level and he is a long way from being surplus to requirements.
  3. TOTAL VOTEKeep:  91Sell: 12I expected a victory for ''keep'' but didn''t expect such a large margin, it goes to show that the ''sell'' crowd really make themselves heard, the reality is that they fall within a small minority. 
  4. Your mate: "Would you like to come for a pint or two?"You: "I will abstain from answering that question because you haven''t specified which pub, at what time, and haven''t given a full explanation of other mitigating factors such as their variety of real ales, the cleanliness of their toilets, the proximity of the nearest kebab shop, or a full analysis of the costs involved in getting to and from the pub that you have in mind"Your mate: "On second thoughts, just remembered I''ve got to up early tomorrow"
  5. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]Nothing like completely ignoring all other mitigating factors and then claiming that the results actually mean something...As with ZLF - Abstain, because there''s a lot more to consider than just keep or sell...[/quote]If you applied that logic to every ''yes'' or ''no'' question that you encountered in life then it would take you an age to get anywhere and people would probably avoid inviting you to the pub.Mum: "Hello darling, would you like some tea?"You: "That depends whether you mean immediately, within the next hour, or in three hours time"Mum: "I can put you in something now"You: "Well that depends what you are putting in, I really like your spag bol, wouldn''t mind a frozen pizza with oven chips, but I''m not eating your hot pot again because I don''t really like it"Mum: "Make your own bloody tea you ungrateful little sh*t" 
  6. Personally I only ever saw Shaun Carey as a headless chicken, 100% effort with no impact at all, didn''t surprise me to see him fall down the leagues.Julien Brellier has to be one of my personal disappointments, he came with a fearsome reputation as a midfield enforcer. I was expecting Roy Keane and got somebody who looked completely out of his depth.The player who frustrated me the most however was Adrian Forbes, could do a bit of everything and had all the necessary attributes to become a top player but for some reason didn''t seem to utilise them very often and would often be anonymous in games, think he is one who played well below his level for most of his career.
  7. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="TheNewBoy"]What a let down he was. My memory may be failing me but didn''t somebody part with a small fortune to buy a giant Brellier banner from a Hearts fan?[/quote] It was £75 from the Hearts Supporters Club with" Le Juge " printed on it.   [/quote]Ah, well hardly a ''small fortune'' then, unless they had to drive and pick it up. Wonder whether they still have it, was it you that bought it? £75 would have been a good investment if he have become a popular player.
  8. An ''innie'' and an ''outie'' describes the physical appearance of a belly button, and I''m pleased to say that I possess an innie, the downside to that is the little balls of fluff and belly hair which collect inside and require occasional removal. Please keep any politics to yourself and allow me to continue about my business without interference as a new member of this forum who has no idea who you are, what you are talking about, and why you are so sensitive about the subject of Robert Chase. Thank you. 
  9. Are you being freaking serious or is this an initiation test? If it helps I''ve never called anyone an ''inner'' or an ''outer'' and truly have no idea what you are talking about, you may as well be writing in Cantonese. 
  10. When you vote in the general elections you have to put your cards on the table or abstain from voting, you can''t say "I''d like to vote Labour but if the economy declines in two years then I would have wanted Conservative". The same applies in any ballot, you have to make a decision, you can''t write a condition on the voting form. 
  11. Never heard of him, although I''d never heard of Wolfswinkel or Benteke either so I guess that is meaningless. 
  12. [quote user="TheNewBoy"]I exercised my right to thread-starter discretion, but will accept 49-3 as that increases the margin significantly :) [/quote](when expressed as a percentage of the vote, on a scale of 0% to 100%). 
  13. [quote user="Webbo118"]Was this really necessary?[/quote]Probably not necessary, but for me it is proving worthwhile. 
  14. I exercised my right to thread-starter discretion, but will accept 49-3 as that increases the margin significantly :) 
  15. CURRENT SUBTOTALS: Keep:  58Sell: 6Void Votes: 4  My faith in Norwich supporters is well on the way to being restored. 
  16. CURRENT SUBTOTALS: Keep:  47Sell: 4 Void Votes: 4 
  17. CURRENT SUBTOTALS: Keep:  39Sell: 4 Void Votes: 3 I wish Holt understood that most Norwich fans are right behind him. 
  18. CURRENT SUBTOTALS: Keep:  31Sell: 4 Void Votes: 3 This is looking like a landslide.
  19. Worthington did an excellent job building a team on peanuts to get us to the Premier League. 
  20. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha[/quote]Test
  21. CURRENT SUBTOTALS: Keep:  23Sell: 4 Void Votes: 2 
  22. CURRENT SUBTOTALS: Keep: 16 Sell: 4 Void Votes: 1
  23. CURRENT SUBTOTALS: Keep: 16 Sell: 3 Void Votes: 1
  24. Nice to meet the resident schizophrenic, sorry if my football/Norwich related posts have been discussed before on this football/Norwich related forum.
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