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  1. Very attacking loves to overlap wih decent delivery, Garrido certainly won''t have it all his way if we do get this lad
  2. Although it is hard to watch a legend like Holt leave I have complete faith in CH and DM that they with replace him with real quality either already done or on the verges of completion, it''s gonna be an exciting season, just hope they get their targets in early enough to gel in pre season
  3. Lets hope it is true and due to Everton losing interest before due to his injury it might keep us in pole position, what a coup he would be another hungry young international, if we could persuade Toivonen too it would start getting exciting
  4. Great signing, young, hungry and undoubtedly full off quality and pace which we lack. Can''t wait to see him tearing it up with RVW
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