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  1. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]A lot of people are criticising Hughton now. Myself and a small number of contributors have been expressing our concerns for months so are not jumping on he bandwagon. The concerns have been explained and exampled but in return a certain group have responded not with constructive argument but with derision of which the derisory and pathetic title ''pant-wetters'' has been their clarion call. It is sad that in a group who all want the same thing but interpret the sutuation differently some people can only galvanise themselves by abusing others. It has been too late for some time to change management and clearly too late for a very long time to change our style of play. We have to stick together and hope to beat West Brom next Sunday. If we do I predict the same bunch will come out with their holier than thou attitude which those with an opposing view will accept because they will be pleased with the outcome. For me, personally, I have expressed my views vociferously in the past, stand by them but, as I previously called a truce will bottle it up and hope the present sense of sadness will evaporate into relief, not joy, but relief. Now lets give ourselves a chance and beat West Brom.[/quote]Hear Hear this post sums up everything for me
  2. i YEARN for a time when we play football like we did under Lambert again. Hughtons got to go and lets get an attacking manager in ASAP so we can have a fighting chance
  3. The blokes a grade A pen1s i despise him and all he stands for in football MCNALLY GET FU(KING SHOT OF HIM ASAP
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