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  1. Ah yes, but at one point during the conversation I had with the club, I was told that I must have been wound up, I must have been unpleasant and McNally must have been telling the truth and I must have demanded to speak to him. All completely untrue but the club''s reasoning behind this? The fact that I''d been in there. Apparently if I hadn''t been any of the above, then I would have called on the phone instead. A hell of a leap of faith and a hell of an allegation to make too. I will say, though, that I was totally wrong on the timescale that Mr. McNally originally took to respond so hold my hands up to that. It''s a difficult one. My major beef is the way Mr. McNally behaved on twitter. The club are never going to admit he did anything wrong, and neither will he. So really the reality is that I''m on a hiding to nothing. I accept that and the reality is that I am unhappy, there is no point in me continuing to waste my time and the clubs time. Best the season ticket goes to someone on the waiting list. The club has no right of reply here so I will say no more. It wouldn''t be fair. Disagreements happen.
  2. Well, my season ticket has now officially been cancelled. I''m sure no-one actually cares though :) Personally, I feel quite sad at what this club has become - but I also fully appreciate that it has attained the promised land and therefore most fans will be happy, and why not? This is the premier league after all and why not enjoy it? The inevitability of that unfortunately is the club has lost it''s soul and a lot of what, to me, made it special. But I''m not gonna bleat about it. Perhaps success makes it inevitable. I wish the club the very best and continued success, even though I don''t like what goes on behind the scenes.
  3. Can only talk about people I know, which is a small sample of course. I know 7 season ticket holders and out of those 3 tell me they''re giving there''s up. Reasons given are 2 of them they can''t make that many matches due to premier league kick offs, and one can''t afford it any more. That''s a pretty high percentage but what people say and what they actually so is another matter.
  4. There have certainly been so,e interesting views posted on this thread and some very balanced ones too. I personally have said more than I ever meant to on here, as I originally only planned to come on and defend myself and leave it like that. I will also reiterate that I have the greatest of respect for what the man has achieved in his professional life. This does not mean that I feel he could not have handled this better. I have actually even met him once, although I am sure he won''t remember it :D Anyway I have now had some communication from the club and we will talk. They have not asked me to refrain from commenting publically any further (which Im quite pleased about) but for the sake of decency I am not at this stage going to make any further comments. I have defended myself - some will believe me, some won''t. That is the nature of the beast. There seems to be some decent people on here so maybe I''ll stick around and comment elsewhere. I may say more at a later juncture but for now, lets see what happens.
  5. @number 9 Regardless of the fact that standing is actually against the law and I believe that Norwich are under threat of a capacity reduction for it, I do not expect the club to stop people who are standing in their position where they are normally seated. However - I do expect that club to stop people standing in the aisles and in communal areas which is what was happening here. And I certainty expect the stewards and / or police to step in if a group of fans are attacking another one. What did I expect from the club? I don''t really know but an acknowledgement at least would have been nice. And not to have the CEO lie about me to 17000 people on twitter would have been good as well.
  6. And the effect of his behaviour can be seen in the creation of threads like this. Remember - I didn''t come in here bleating and moaning about his behaviour. I only came in here to put my side of the story. And all through this I''ve tried to remain as non-confrontational as possible. Not something, sadly, I can say for Mr. McNally.
  7. But most CEOs of a large company don''t lie on twitter about their customers with (and this is my perception) the sole aim of bring g abuse down on them from other customers.
  8. Well - he does go on twitter and say "if you have any issue then email me - and gives out his email address". And people who do so are weirdos? Ok.
  9. Oh don''t get me wrong. I see Mr. McNally as being probably THE single most important factor behind the clubs rise to where it is now, and I guess "You can''t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs" applies to a certain extent. Lets not forget - if the CS team had responded the CE should never have been involved. It shouldn''t really be him replying to emails and tweeting to be fair. And I know from my own job that when you are insanely busy and under pressure you will come across as more curt than you mean to sometimes. I just hope that the club don''t end up breaking too many eggs.
  10. I should also add that extremely reluctantly this whole incident has made me decide to cancel my season ticket. I just feel totally,let down by the club. Lets not even consider the fact that when I did go in to the club that afternoon, their official parking provider slapped a £100 charge for parking on my car even though I wasn''t even on their land! Guess they had to pay for the Abu Dhabi trip somehow :(
  11. It was to do with standing. We couldn''t go where our first choice would have been (The Jarrold - which is where my season ticket usually is) and the only place where we could get the number of seats together that we needed was in the Lower Barclay. I will be honest and say that I hadn''t truly thought the standing issue through. Anyway it very quickly became clear that everyone was going to stand, and my Dad was unable to do so due to nerve damage in his feet. I personally know what an emotive issue standing is - and I do believe that a standing area should be provided. I didn''t want to cause a fuss so we moved him to the right end of the row so he could at least see most of the pitch. This was fine until about 15 mins from the end when a group of five young lads came down from the back and stood behind one of the exits (by the barrier?). This obstructed my Dad completely and he couldn''t see a thing. He politely asked them to move to be told to "f**k off you stupid old c**t" and it all kind of kicked off from there and I got attacked when I defended him. I stree again that I have no problems with standing which is why we moved him rather tha cause a fuss.
  12. Except what he posted on twitter was a complete lie. How do I know this? Because I''m the person in question. I raised an issue with the club - I took my 74 year old father to his first ever match. He was abused and threatened by Norwich fans in the Lower Barclay. It was a horrible experience and the stewards did nothing. We tried emailing the club, but our emails were totally ignored. We then (and only then) emailed David McNally. Even an auto response saying "I will reply to your email" would have been nice but we received nothing. I then tweeted him twice, once about the abuse and lack of help from stewards, and once saying that if we didn''t get a response we would go to the papers. Not cool, maybe, but remember all the club needed to do was acknowledge our email and we gave it a month. He chose not to retweet the stuff about my elderly father being abused and the stewards doing nothing, but DID RT the thing about going to the papers. There was NO justification to doing that apart from trying to make me look bad in front of Norwich fans and it worked. I got called a c**t, a gimp, a Mong and various other choice words. I DID go into the club that afternoon it is true but I did NOT ask to speak to him. Why would I? Quite frankly, I didn''t want to speak to him after my experience, I was getting more and more disillusioned with the club. I merely went in to reception, asked for another contact name (they gave me Chris Bailey) and they asked me why. I told them briefly what I wanted to contact him about and then left. At no point, I reiterate, did I ask to speak to Mr. mcNally. Now, either the reception staff misinformed him (highly unlikely) or he then went on twitter and attempted to drop me in it with Norwich fans a second time, as everyone knew it was me he was referring to. I found him going on to twitter, lying and sh*t stirring to be deeply unprofessional. So right now I am totally disillusioned with this club. And all they ever needed to do was respond to ONE email. It''s not hard.......
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