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  1. Yeahwewillsee

    Johnson outstanding

    Anyone to start a thread complimenting johnsons display today obviously wants a reaction as he was once again bit part player who didn''t do enough.
  2. I agree holt was awful and to me looked like he was on a lunch time kick about and still worked for a tyre company and this was the first time he''s played football.

    For me working hard he might but we can''t keep sticking up for him and 99% knows goals out weigh work rate.

    For me hughton needs to partner Becchio up front with holt and see where this leaves us.

    Elliott benetts got a pace but Unfortuantly he hasn''t got the footballing skills to interact with his pace.

    If we were playing the same team and formation as today against an half decent team we would been hammered.
  3. Don''t we still own money for the stand around 10 million.
  4. Yeahwewillsee

    Fear we're in trouble!!!

    [quote user="Yeahwewillsee"]Excellent post that is.[/quote]

    The rocks post was meant to say
  5. Yeahwewillsee

    Fear we're in trouble!!!

    Excellent post that is.