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  1. http://www.tvgolo.com/jogo-showfull-1365275447---39here you go...I believe the best option for you is to play with a fast striker (SS) next to him.somobody who can also play 10 meters behind and can drift from one side to other (similar to Robbie Keane).with this combination you would had a more fast forward for the counter attack. and you would gain in defending because ricky can defend the opposite team midfield with quite vigor.by the way. how the hell you conceded 2 goals (it could be 3 if michu doesn''t miss that in the stoppage time) with the defense "sleeping" in the box? too much space conceded to the opponents in the area. it gives time for the attack to raise the head, search for a team mate and cross without any pressure...but this is my opinioncheers,ps- a draw on Emirates stadium and a clean game against reading (specially this game) would be a huge boost for the last 4 games of the season.
  2. Here you go...http://www.tvgolo.com/jogo-showfull-1364844329---39
  3. [e user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone?"]Thanks Polen. BTW. do you have any other good players in the following positions: - striker (need more than one!) - central midfield - has to be class at passing and tackling - left midfield - has to be class at passing and tackling - left back - centre back [/q Glad you mention that. We have a hugeee player. Eric dier. British player who came very young with his family to Portugal. Captain of england under 19 or 20 i believe. 19 years old. Central defender as natural position. Now playing also has defensive midfielder. To be honest dont know why pl clubs are so blind regardind this player.... Gk rui patricio. Gk of Portugal National team. Bruma. 17 or 18 years. Great hot prospect. With his head on place, a new nani for sure in 2 years. Already playing in 1 st team Regarding rvw salary. Here in portugal it was around 60k...per month
  4. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Polen"]Official 10 million euros + a fee for objectives ( undisclosed this part at the moment)[/quote]Will you become a Norwich City fan now Polen or are you one already?[/quote]since January :)I''ve met really nice people here and I had good debates and interesting exchange of ideas.Unfortunately its not easy to follow Norwich in portuguese sport channel except when they play against United; Tottenham due to Vilas Boas; Chelsea and so on.they did transmite the game against sunderland (a draw i believe) but I only saw until that notty hand of Bunn :p
  5. [quote user="Stephen Frys Evil Twin"]Polen, Portuguese press seem to be suggesting up to EUR 2M in add-ons! [/quote]the first sms Ive received only spoke about the 10 million but its already confirmed that amount for the objectives...2M
  6. Official 10 million euros + a fee for objectives ( undisclosed this part at the moment)
  7. I just want to make an important statement. You are not aware but right now the club is on a civil war and it will have elections tomorrow. In Portugal, the clubs are associations and the BOD and other top ranks are elected by us, associates who pay a fee each month to be members of the club. 12 euros. Also, the club itself has 35 sports, one is the core, football. For football it was created a "company" ownded by the club to lead the football which is in lisbon stock exchange and under certain national laws. The only thing that can jam the business is the stock exchange which regulates the football company in terms of stocks, to not allow the tranfer because the president will leave tomorrow. Basically we are already under a current management in the last month, so the issue here is to understand if the current demissionary president has the right and capability to sell a player 2 days before the elections. Its true we need cash urgently. We need yet to pay february salaries... Regarding the player itself you have my email and private messages in case you need any info. Ps. All this info is MY PERSONAL VIEW. Remember we are humans and there is no absolute truth in player evaluations.
  8. Ive met good people here. Some even joinned our unofficial forum to better understand the rumours back in january. Since i dont like to be shoved because of my personal view and belief, any doubts you may have you can always send a pm as im not going to post here on this topic anymore... Cheers
  9. Just another note. What is your average salary there? Because rvw earns around 50 to 60 k pounds per. Month. All other leagues. France, spain, germany have by far greater. Salaries...
  10. Again, this is my personal opinion. I cannot speak on your teams behalf which I know very little, to be honest. But we do follow the PL here in Portugal, a lot I might say. every weekend we have 5/6 games of PL...ok, normally are the Top 5 teams, and buy following that, I believe his performance will improve. Do you honestly believe that this season, our team with a lousy performance, that he is getting 5 and 6 chances per game? I saw games that he had 1 or 2. not great chances but good, fairly, chances. Regarding postman postiga, a guy that in sporting played for 3 seasons, 110 games, 6411 minutes and scored 18 goals...what do you want me to say? now I udnerstand the 12th dutch thing. you are saying that he is probably the 12th forward choice to Netherlands team? but then you put ola john, a winger in the same poll... do you know why we love PL football? because you there play most of the time, at the same level. you look your opponent in the eyes and believe you can actually win and perform well. here in portugal, 50% of the lower teams basically play a catenaccio and counter attack.  
  11. Just not to leave loose ends... 65% of the fee belongs to a fund where jorge mendes has a share. The objective of the fund is to sell at a higher bid. He is not rvw agent. On the other hand hugo almeida wich has mendes has agent, here the goal is to win comissions. More clubs you have in your career, more the agent receives. Go check how many portuguese players went to besiktas in the last 2 or 3 years
  12. Let’s see if I can explain myself… Snap it out if you think you are buying the next van Basten. He is not. At age of 24, FOR ME, he is a good striker, way better then helder postiga who also played in Sporting and in 2 years scored…18 goals? Around that. What I see in him he’s a great potential and can be really interesting if he gains the already spoken, muscle or mass and improves his header game, not the header itself but the way you move to attack the ball in the air at the correct point (it seems confuse but I cannot explain better) A small off topic, of course middle teams which are not that middle, like Bordeaux; saint ettiene; are better then ours. But I say again… except 3 to 4 teams in Portugal (porto; benfica; sporting and braga) nobody has the capability to pay a salary per player over 10 K pounds PER MONTH to the all squad
  13. didnt understand the 12th pecking position. what do you mean with that? and where did you get that?
  14. Regarding Ligue 1, of course the portuguese league is better. now you have PSG with a bank behind, but see our clubs performance. even Porto and Benfica which are currently the best 2 teams have annual budget for all football (not only salaries) of around 30 million pounds. tell me what is the budget of middle teams there and compare.   if there are better players? of course; Falcao who belonged to Porto; Jackson Martinez but do you have 25 million pounds? the same for Cardozo of benfica, 15 million pounds?. you speak about Almeida, he his a fairly good player who just reached the current step because is agent is Jorge Mendes. then you speak about Viana in Newcastle. Viana went to england with 21 or 22 years old. it was not easy to him to adapt to the game style; the country; specially the north area of England.  
  15.   Hi Not Nigel,   Let me clarify somethings because probably my English is not the best.   In fact he didn’t score almost 50 goals,  I thought he had 49 but he has 39 goals.   When I speak about Nani and CR is regarding the bodybuilding and preparation you do there. It isn’t directly linked to the age.  But a guy with 75 kgs and 1.86 meters it has potential to grow in terms of mass. You have linked this to the age. It’s true a factor but not the most important one, for sure. Jimmy Hasselbaink came to England at the age of 25, from a medium Portuguese team and developed his physique a lot.   When I’ve mentioned these clubs it’s a little more than speculation, in fact he was followed by scouts from these teams. 100% sure. Besides, you say I’m speculating, but then you speak about Almeida going to real Madrid… no comments.   I didn’t say is beeter because he’s dutch. I’ve just said he his better. Period. Probably because I wrote “dutch”, you had the perception that the nationality was a factor.   When I said, I watch every game on the stadium, it’s just to give you an ideia that I pay attention to everything. His movements, how he handles with the markings; the offsides traps; the ball receives; controls; and so on. I look to the player in all his aspects and not only for the goals he scores.   Right know he is on a lower form, but it’s because the team plays sh**; usually the beginning eleven has an year average of 22 years old and he plays completely alone in the attack. Imagine you, receiving a high pass of 40 meters, receive the ball, having the pressure of 2 opponents and the closest team mate is 20 meters away… Yeah, he is missing some goals lately, mainly due to a lack of confidence, but I don’t see the other team mates scoring goals. One thing is to be fed in the area 5 or 6 times to goal. The other is to have only 1 good chance in 90 minutes…   PS - ok. he only has 1 cap but hey, if you have money to buy van persie or huntellar, go for it.
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