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  1. Neilson is cup tied so wont be playing, i must admit i didnt know that he was on trial with you guys
  2. Hi guys, I can assure you there wont be any issues, the tickets only went on sale to season ticket holders, were all looking forward to coming to decent stadium for a change. And hoping for a respectable defeat not a complete thrashing!! See you saturday!!
  3. Alive is a strong word mate, its there in spirit!! My folks live up that way so lookong forward to a decent weekend!!
  4. No ones creeping you clown, No one has done us out of money etc, its just normal chat between normal football fans! And you''re not going to get a ticket as we have sold out, and if by some miracle you do get a ticket lets hope the M6 is shut that day!!
  5. We charge 18 quid which is crazy money, Kettering charged us 19 last year, Its a wonder we still have so many homefans going each week.
  6. This is the reason so many of us are looking forward to the day, travelling to barrow on a tuesday night, getting in at 6am after watching us lose 1-0 on a ground which resembles a park, loses its appeal quickly!
  7. Ill give you that one it was quite funny, We still average about 6k a week, the ground only holds 9500, away end holds 2000, were lucky to get 100 away fans a week come!! Its quite depressing!!
  8. Indeed you do, Kenilworth Road is a dive, no one denys that but id rather that than move to a souless ground, i.e coventry,southampton etc! Kenilworth Road has a cracking atmosphere when full
  9. Im going to ignore the wind up merchant who claims to be a hatter, orange has always been in our kits somwhere, they brought it back a few times as away strips over the recent years, and in 2011 brought the orange one in as a home strip, a throwback to the 70''s, and i would imagine we will wear our navy away strip. Or possibly our white 3rd kit.
  10. I was a ashcroft kid! But i can imagine it dipped a bit! Us deluded fools still go each week!! Wouldnt have it any other way!!
  11. I can assure you that you''re not the only one!! Bloody playoffs!! I used to live on Crawley Green Road, Know the area well!! Strangely enough our attendances havent really dropped since weve been stuck down here!!
  12. In all seriousness why don''t you like Luton??
  13. Hi Guys,   First of all apologies for the moronic luton fan that keeps posting on your board, were not all idiots, Anyway, I spent a few good years in Norfolk and am looking forward to coming back for the weekend, and looking forward to a competive game. The reason for the post is I just want to get your views on the game, our fall from grace has been well talked about and its a chance for us to a least play in a decent stadium and I must admit it will make a nice change, and one im looking forward too. Our allocation has sold out and im hearing you guys are selling your tickets fairly quickly so hoping for a near sell out and a decent atmosphere and not a complete thrashing.      
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