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  1. Just for a change I will go for an English game, so Cambridge United to win the Play off final. Good luck to them, Hector and all PUPs. And once again thanks to Nutty for all his hard work during this season. We really appreciate everything you have done Buddy and I hope that you, your family and all PUPs old and new have a great summer and come back rested and ready to take on the challenge in August. MC
  2. Tony Popovic. Where did he suddenly appear from??
  3. I tend to agree with ? on this one. Whilst I have had and always will have sympathy t=for those who died or lost loved ones at Hillsborough and deplore the actions of the police both during and after the event, to me it seems, and like ? says it has never been adequately explained, that if the fans outside the ground had been in a queue with ticket in hand waiting to get into the ground there would most likely have been no tragedy. If anyone can explain it differently then I would be interested to hear.
  4. Both look highly unlikely at this present moment but I would go for safety for City without question.
  5. Finland this week. HJK Helsinki to win at home versus KuPS  Kuopio. Currently 2/7 for the Helsinki win with BET365. Good luck Nana and all PUPs MC
  6. Kazakhstan Premier league FC Astana to beat Fk Taraz. Currently 1/5 at BET365. Good luck Chellecity and all PUPs MC
  7. Unbelievable!!!! That was the game I was least worried about, but I guess that''s how it goes sometimes. Hopefully we''ll have better luck next week. Thanks for all your help and support though guys much appreciated, I love being part of this thread. MC
  8. Absolutely amazing guys. As I type I have had 27 different picks from 34 of you brilliant PUPs. I have enjoyed going through them all and believe me I have studied and considered every single one of them. I have to once again thank NN for giving me the chance to spend three evenings choosing these selections. It has though been as difficult as it has been enjoyable picking just six from the vast array of games you guys have offered. but here goes with the final six and apologies to those who didn''t make it in. 1.  Real Madrid to beat Rayo Vallecano  -  Chellecity, Swindon Canary, Hector B, Beauseant, NWC Currently 1/25 at bet365, rubbish odds but you can''t ignore the majority 2.  Rangers to beat Arbroath  -  Hissing Sid, Gravy Canary My only pick from the home countries 3.  CSKA Moscow to beat Volga Nizhny Novgorod  -  Cosmic Twin I liked this one and nearly put it down as my pick, currently 2/9 at bet365 4.  Salzburg to beat Wacker Innsbruck  -  Trent Canary I couldn''t ignore the top man''s pick 5.  Borrussia Dortmund to beat Stuttgart  -  Twidio, MM Another one that I have good feelings about, and decent odds at 7/10 at the moment. 6.  PSV to beat Groningen  -  Nutty, Inchy BD Wolfswinkel This last pick could have been any one of six or seven of the remaining ones just hope its the right one. Well that''s the fun bit done, now just a nervous wait for these results (and also the most important one as well) to come in this weekend. Thanks once again for all your help and good luck to City and all PUPs MC
  9. Good evening PUPs and thanks for the intro NN. It is as always an absolute honour to be given the opportunity to pick the final six this week and I will do my best, with the help of you guys to add money to this year''s PUPs pot. I will be looking to pick the final six on Friday evening so keep those picks coming guys. For the record my pick this week is FC Zurich to win at home against Lausanne Sport. Good luck PUPS MC
  10. I''m with NN this week and a home win for Galatasaray. Currently 1/4 with Bet365. Good luck GMF and all PUPs MC
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