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  1. My man, your friend is talking squit, unless he got into NIA before 9.00 this morning. I can tell you now, there were no cusion faced out of work manager types in arrivals between 9.05 and and 12.10. I know, as i was stuck there waiting for my lift! Three days travelling to get home and find all this! Wos''Gorn onnn?
  2. Its going to be screened live on Celtic TV, so few cold buds in a hotel in New Orleans  hunting for a stream for me i think
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1242637/Gay-man-tried-poison-lesbian-neighbours-slug-pellets-legged-cat-feud-walks-free.html Ahh, but you cannot beat their insightful journalism. Only the Daily Mail could manage to squeeze Gay Men, Lesbians, a single Mother, an HGV Driver, Slug Pellets, a Curry, oh and a Three Legged Cat in to one article!!  
  4. Know what you mean, still bare the scars after a night on the dhals! We''re still in the GOM, Norway next month for Statoil, before 70 days in Israel. Not looking forward to the crew change there!!for
  5. Hi Morty, Tis'' me Congocanary as was until for some reason my account crashed and burned, no idea how to get it back! So, did you manage to get ashore for a £10 pint?   :) Spent many a Constitution Day in Kristiansund, always a great time, something about those rosy cheeked ladies in long dresses!!
  6. Well, for what it''s worth. Today is Constitution Day in Norway, which is a huge deal to the Noggies, usally spent with their families in their home town. I know for a fact that Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, still has a huge house on the Fjord in Kristiansund, so there is a possible link.   p.s how on earth do i get my old account back? Disapeared without a trace!!
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