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  1. I rarely post but felt the need to on this thread. Would just like to say that I loathe him with a passion. That man is solely responsible for my aloof attitude on a Saturday morning/afternoon. I hate the fact that I no longer get excited on match day. We''re playing tonight but am I that bothered............ no! Win, lose or draw and if i''m being honest I feel no different these days. How many times do I have to hear the same dull post match comment and watch the same naive tactics (which date as far back as the playoff final) week in week out.  Who gets excited about any free kick or corner that we may win? As long as Nige is here - never!   Why defend corners and freekicks with eleven men? What chance do you ever have of a counter attack if every player is in the penalty box. Why play substandard players out of position....... why even sign them in the first place! Why sack your coach when YOU are the main problem!! I can''t actually take much more of him because i loved our club and still do but I''m no longer passionatte about it! Why sell your better players(Mackay & Edworthy) in the promotion year and replace them with tosh!? He is the most deluded man in football and is ruining or club for all of the above and some!             
  2. Now forgive me if i''m wrong but aren''t football shirts made primarily for footballers to wear?? Now we''d like to think our footballers are of a slim build (Gary Doherty excluded). So with that in mind a slim fitting shirt is surely the way forward, why design a shirt based on Chris Moyles for christ sake!! You only have to look at all the big teams to see that the slim fit is the way forward. I haven''t bought a kit in the last 7 years simply because they''ve been so big you could they sleep 4 adults in them. Well done to the board for making one good decision all year!
  3. I can''t believe that Nigel didn''t even put Bentley on the bench last night. With 20 minutes to go he would have been perfect to come on. Instead we get Hendo coming on who is still very raw or very bad depending on how you wanna look at him! Whenever he recieved the ball he always passed it back again, how frustrating. Mulryne was on the bench which is a step in the right direction. It''s a shame the Nigel hasn''t tried him yet and with yesterdays game nearing its end Mullers should have been given time to show us his class. Those two are the type of players needed to do anything in this league and Nigel isn''t really using either of them. Have we got to the byline all season or played a killer through ball.... The answer is no and without playing clever players we won''t create the chances that surprise premiership defenders. Punts upfield from Gary Holt are not the way forward. Here is the closest thing we''ve got to a premiership team with class:          Green     Ed      Flem      SC      Brennan Jonson   Safri   Mullers/Francis   Hucks                  Bentley                 Svensson
  4. Thanks for everyones ideas. In case you''re wondering how it went here goes.... Started off in Ha ha and walked in to see about half the squad including Hucks, Mullers, Drury and Greeno stood there Couldn''t believe my eyes!! They ended up going into a private room in the back with there wives, girlfriends and groupies who were all pretty fit. Moved on to Orgasmic and The Slug which were ok. By this time I was half cut and ready to for clubbing. I had guest list for Optic which not only meant no queuing but it also meant I didn''t have to pay to get in.... RESULT!  It puts nearly every club in London to shame. Quality music, decor, nice crowd(girls!!) and good drinks. If only every club was this good. If you live in Norwich and don''t go here you''re mad!! All in all I''m jelous of those of you who live there. I''m defiantely gonna be back! Shame we didn''t get the three points. That might have been asking too much! Thanks again all!          
  5. I''m sorry that I didn''t mention it Shaun but I''m coming from London. After visiting Pompey twice I''m rather glad that I''m not from there!!! I haven''t even got a ticket yet but I heard there''s 200 tickets going on sale on at 9am on Saturday. That means I''ve probably gotta leave at 6.30 in morning. Hope people don''t start queuing from too early otherwise I''ll have leave earlier? Thanks for the tips on all the bars/clubs. Think I''ll go with your itinery SSC.
  6. I know this isn''t poss for 2''row because Mullers played for the reserves. But when he gets back to full fitness I would like to see this:                      Green Helveg      Flem      Charlton     Drury Bentley     Mulryne     Safri     Brennan                 Jonson    Hucks Doherty, Holt, McVeigh, Leon  
  7. Thanks Shaun, Kent and the rest of you for your suggestions. Been away and just got back to find the thread. Funny how it turned into one about chavs and not so much on the topic but thats the chav effect for you!! Anyway, I''ve got myself on the guest list for Optic. I''m just hoping it isnt too pretentious. Shaun, can you confirm??? You lot have confused me bar wise coz I thought the Riverside would be nice but it sounds like Chav central. hmmmm....... The most important thing is we get the three points mind. Would just like to add that not much gets said about Mulryne. I feel he''s the only man capable of breaking down Premiership defences. Nobody seems to put him in there ideal Norwich 11 so am I the only person that thinks he''s the man??      
  8. Coming up on Saturday for the game and for once have decided to stay over for a night out. Can anyone please recommend a good quality club (no chav clubs please!) with a good totty count? OTBC
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