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  1. so all them fans are you happy with a point at home against little ol fulham now?  after villa and southampton winning and we now sit 6 points clear from relegation well i am not hapy at all yes i would have took this at beginning of the season but not now we are good enough to be winning games at home?
  2. i see there are alot of mixed opinions of holt this season so i would like to see on here how many are for him and how many against?  this could be interesting?
  3. just been said on sky sports news that leeds have to give us money plus beccio for morison..
  4. just see on sky sports news the swap is done and if i heard right leeds get a bit of money too or is it the other way round. can any1 confirm this please?
  5. at last someone with football sense?  i totally think the same as you baracouda but i would still like us to sign one know prem striker like graham who has proven to score goals in the prem?
  6. oh look another sarcasm comment what a suprise. is it to hard to ignore if you dont like some ones post?
  7. well im happy with a point tonight to get our run started again?  thats 1 more point towards safety.
  8. celtic score 4 goals so far yet hooper not scored 1 yet..
  9. just really piss me off the amount of stick people get on here. all people are doing is starting a debate if you dont agree just say no i dont agree and then move on?  im not always like that sorry if i offended anyone?
  10. is this not a football forum for debate? why are there dickheads always moaning about each post?  it was just a question i asked?
  11. what do you all think of this player?  i have always liked him? got to be worth a bid?
  12. for me ait has to be1st, bassong (would have been ruddy if fit all season i would think?)2nd, snodgrass3rd, hoolahan
  13. i for one would be so pi@sed of if they were the 2 strikers we ended up with. thoughts??
  14. totally agree with indy if we dont get quality strikers in i would rather stick with what we got?
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