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  1. Well said Cockneyella, it is all to easy for Delia and the Board to ignore protests outside the ground but another thing entirely when it is happening all around them, Please all City fans who love this club let them know how the vast majority feel ( I personally have not spoken to one other Fan who wants Worthless to stay) if we don''t we had better look forward to more hoofball next season and mid-table mediocrity at best, incidentally i thought Worthless''s post match interview on Saturday must have sent the cliche meter well past the red zone with his new mainstay " Well that''s Football" being seriously overused.                                                       OTBC  
  2. I think Hughes see''s himself as some sort of Roy Keanefigure, everyone knows he can talk a good game but can someone please tell him and the rest of the bottlers in the current team that actions speak louderthan words! OTBC
  3. I will hold my hands up i am one of the Worthy out brigade but after listening to his interview on radio Norfolk i do feel a certain amount of sympathy for him, he is a decent honest man but at the end of the day if the players will not perform for him what can he do? He has done a good job but it is patently obvious some if not all of the players do not back him in particular Darren Huckerby who i do not understand how he has the nerve to pick up his salary at the moment, i for one say good luck Nigel you have been let down badly by a group of players whose ego''s far outweigh their ability on the pitch. O.T.B.C
  4. Does Worthy really not realise how frustrated the fans are with the displays this season? he stated in the EEN on friday that it was "our duty to entertain" well if he calls our performance against Reading entertainment then i really fear for the future of our club. To say we have been dissapointing this season is a major understatement, some supporters have got carried away with beating a very average Ipswich team with only 10 men, I''m afraid the writing is on the wall Worthy will not see christmas as NCFC manager. I for one am sick of hearing what a fantastic job he has done for us in previous seasons precisely what relevance has it got now? apart from the final eight games of last season we were a total embarrasment and the board should have acted after the debacle at Fulham, I would suggest drafting in David Williams with immediate effect otherwise this season will be a total disaster.And before anyone jumps up and down on the loyal supporter bandwagon I have been a season ticket holder for 25 years and can remember when we actually could play some entertaining football.OTBC
  5. Our recent performances particually away from home have been little short of pathetic, while every bodyrealised that this season would be very difficult i would like to think we could put up considerably moreresistance than has been evident in the last 3 months.Why is it virtually every other team at the bottom ofthe Premier league have put in praiseworthy (and oftenwinning)performances while City have lain down and had their tummy tickled by all and sundry, with 11 games left Craig Fleming said we have 11 cup finals to play well if that is how we play in cup finals it doesn''t say much for this team or management.As for Worthy i think he should stay but with a radical shake up of the coaching staff i would suggest bringing in Dave Williams from the Academyas when he was coach under Dave Stringer we playedsome superb football which despite Worthys constanttalk of our passing game, we have seen precious littleunder his stewardship. OTBC
  6. I couldn''t agree more Holt has been very poor all season and this go''s for the midfield in general, Huckerby is far to easy to mark out of the game on the left,Jonson is one of the worst right wingers i have seen in thirty years of supporting city i cannot remember him beating a fullback all season, he seems to think hurling himself into tackles is enough a little creativity might not go amiss, as for Stuart apart from one or two nice touches he has been anonymous. Francis has been our best midfielder but looks more suited to being a centre forward. Worthingtons buys in general have been disastarous although i have high hopes for Ashton who will score plenty but must have decent service, my biggest concern however is the total absence of quality midfielders coming through our academy when was the last one? i think it was Eadie but that was 10 years ago why is it that Ipswich seem to have a never ending stream of quality youngsters but we have next to none? OTBC
  7. For gods sake give him a chance he hasn''t kicked a ball for us yet and already people are writing him off,he is also pretty skilful on the ground for such a tall player and i am pretty certain he played with Mcveigh in the Spurs youth+reserve sides in 1999/2000 so they shouldn''t have to work too hard to develop an understanding.I for one think Worthy may well have got it right this time. OTBC
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