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  1. leeds fan!!some money has gone on this, 50s to 10s and now is currently only 8s(at skybet) to be the next prem manager to leavebut there is no way he would leaving Norwich for Leeds, why would he? almost funny!!
  2. Leeds fanBen Parker(leeds left back) said yesterday that he has spoke to Jonny Howson and he doesnt want to leave and Leeds are more interested in taking the money then keeping the player, this started a spat with leeds director Peter Lorimer who was also in the pavilion with himthis said Howson was at you game yesterday, so i would say that means he is signingAlso i see Snodgrass has told leeds he wont sign a new contract and you lot are favorites to sign him
  3. you are getting yourself a good player here, he is the sort of player you dont realise what he does until he is out the side(our/leeds recent run of form has been shocking with out him), he likes to get forward, can scores goals but is also hard workingLambert seems to get the best out of players so he could go on to be a top play for NorwichPlease let us keep Snoddy!!!
  4. since Howson has been injured Leeds have drop from 4th place to 11th, winning only once in 7 gamesi would rather have Howson then Clayton, but both would be good signing
  5. [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]Part of the point of having the board is so fans with snippets can share with others, if they prove to be true fine, if not we all learn over time who gets good info and who dont[/quote] Well don''t look now, But Villa fans seem to think they have got him on a 3 year deal and will sign on Wednesday, this has come from my Family in B-ham. [/quote]i come in peace again!!there are rumours going around our(Leeds) message boards that Aston Villa and Newcastle are also interested, Villa want him to replace Downing apparently for the record i dont think Snodgrass is a 5million pound player, imo more around the 2.5m mark
  6. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]On a free transfer this is a very good deal.Similar to the Crofts style of player who gets stuck in, but can still pass a ball and has a damn good strike on him.In contract would easily have commanded 2mil so would be an excellent bit of business.[/quote]Leeds Fan In Peace, just came here to see what you are saying about taking half our midfield!!on Johnson, Physically he is built for the Premier league, also his workrate and fitness is good , but he doesnt really have a footballing brain, he is the sort of player that would fit in well at Stoke. could be good but will never be BrilliantHis ''''Damn Good Strikes''''are 1 in every 50,000, give it a couple of games and you will be shouting Pass at him! on Snoddy, Sometimes in looks like in could play for Chelsea or Arsenal, but other times he looks like he couldn''t even get  in at Ipswich(see what i did there), so inconsistent would be the word for him and sometimes he seems unfit, but that said if he takes to the big league, you will be trying to fit his name in a song in no time(we haven''t dont it in 3 yeas!!). Most Leeds fan would be sad to see him go5m seems a lot but with Aston Villa and Newcastle also interested its probably pushed his price up a bit,  
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