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  1. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]I''m not bovvered.   Sure it''s been over the top, but we love our club after all and it''s been concerning times.   This is primarily a leisure activity O/P, so relax about it all.   Too many posts on basically the same topic, so what?   I''ve enjoyed it.   Chillax, as they say. [/quote]Bovvered enough to post.pmsl.
  2. Thats alright TRAVIS, I know where you are coming from but I wan''t just talking about repeated threads although I mentioned them. I also didn''t claim to have read them all and know their contents in every case, just the amount of threads containing the names in the titles and I make no judgement over their relevance or not... As for time, its sometimes just the convenient retort for someone who feels got at. It took me an hour, as an international playboy I just wanted a quiet night in.
  3. [quote user="Militant Canary"][quote user="Ruddygore"]Hot off the press this morning - Holt WANTS to stay - Militant Canary[/quote] I started no such thread. That is slander, sir, and I want an official retraction! Good day.[/quote]You are right sir, you started a thread called....Need to say this: The Club, Villa and Holt.Off to sack my researcher.... Apologies also to AJ who did start that thread.....
  4. By the way TRAVIS, it seems you have the time to read and find your name on the list don''t it? Yeah, I''m 49, retired and I have LOADS of TIME!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha....manic laughter fades.......................
  5. TRAVIS - What you want to check out is the fact that your thread title contained the word, Lambert, Holt or both. The OP was making no judgements or critique of the content or intent. Did yours make a difference? Will this? Again...... PS. If you find your name on the list please don''t start getting all antsy and upset - the OP was about us all and our mania not individuals meaning well.....
  6. Another chance missed Nige although I congratulate you and others for not making it!
  7. Pricey - Yes anyone who is anyone is on the list, no, I am not on the list - oo-er. Give Peas a Chance - yes I have and go and soak your head under a tap! Don''t shoot the messenger - It has been a mad couple of weeks and we''ve let ourselves down with a little help thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.
  8. How facking sad are we? Probably been asked before... The stories (?) of just the last two weeks.... Would you be pissed of if Lambert - Pink ''Un Role ModelAll Lambert had to say was... - BaldyboyLambo on Talksport in a bit.. - Shaker MakerIf you want to go Paul... - First WizardWhy I''m not worried that Lambert... - Snakepit CanaryWould you be pissed with Lambert... - priceyriceLambert > Lambert with Culverhouse - OntheballcityGiving Lambert a stake - MahoganyLambert Some Key Points - can u sit down pleaseWhat is Lamberts contractual status - dpitLambert on Canaries.co.uk - ncfcstarLord Lambert - London CanaryLambert says - surfbirdLambert won''t go to Villa - lincoln canaryPerhaps Lambert should read this - dylanisabaddogShould Lambert go, any of these would do - HoolahoopLambert -peewees dadLamberts speech at player of the year - Row D Seat 7McNally speaks out on Lambert - norfolkbroadslimHow long would Paul Lambert give us.... - Shaker MakerLambert not interested in Villa - SWP = Poor Mans Ruel FoxLamberts end of season speech - Shaler MakerWhy would Lambert go to Villa - peteLambert staying - BWWill "being Glaswegian" keep Lambert here - Making PlansAppointment of Paul Lambert - Oz CanaryGood piece on PL on Footbal365.com - NWCPaul Lambert - EggyDaily Star : Lambert to hold Villa talks - JFIf Villa make an official approach to speak to Lambert - Thirsty LizardLambert to hold talk with Villa - Olano@Agent_ITK Lambert claims - Hucka Hucka HuckerbyWill the club and supporters ever lose patience with Lambert - Yorkshire CanaryLambert - Ruddy MarvelousI panicked when Lambert started to speak - Shaker MakerFor the latest on Villa / Lambert Rumours - First WizardPaul Lambert - I am delighted I am at Norwich - Supermarket ProdigyLambert Sky Sports Interview - CanaryNorfPLZ...Can we all shut up now about PL - TRAVIS ASKEWLambert is staying!!! - Ncfc123Lambert - Jersey CanaryLambert on BBC website - Making PlansNew Paul Lambert Interview - Francesco Volpe** Lambert Sub forum - ABC (A Basingstoke Canary) LAMBERT SS NEWS NOW:):):) - BarclaybredPaul Lambert - Mark Fotheringham City LegendHolt hands in Transfer Request - VKP-otbcHolt hands in Transfer Request - ryan1992Holt request rejected - Ncfc123Oh go on then I might as well start one too...Holty in transfer... - null secundusHas Holt handed in a Transfer Request...? - ollioHolt hands in transfer request!!!!!!!! - Ncfc123Holt hands in transfer request - BenHolt transfer request means Lambert is off too - Newcastle CanaryGrant Holt Transfer Request - jamie10Holt - EggyGrant you can go for at least £7m - peteLast pay cheque for Holt.... - SmoothHolt and Wilbraham - City 1stHolt - have Sky got it wrong? - lincoln canaryI can understand where Grant is coming from - CanaryGrant Holt - Don''t lash out - Supermarket ProdigyHolt to Man Utd - Thirsty LizardHolt to Everton? - super canaryHot off the press this morning - Holt WANTS to stay - Militant CanaryCall Holts bluff - dpitDon''t be too harsh on Holty - yellows74Holt - Its all about money - sooty57Holt still wants to play in Drury''s game - Supermarket ProdigyWhy I wouldn''t worry if Holt left us - smileyGrant Holts brother - henrikWhy I''ll never F@cking Love Grant Holt as much as I did - bringbackandyhughesBlackpool please please do it.....replacement for Holt - smoothThe Ability of Holt - koofWhat makes me furious about the GH situation... - thenorthstandHolt for Sale - priceyrice** 15 ''Holt'' threads and counting... - zippers left footIf Holt doesn''t want to be here - Shaker MakerIf Holt stays then strip him of the captaincy - Ncfc123When Holt was taken off against Villa - BWGrant Holt the Balance of Power - KeelansGloveI love Grant Holt but if he goes - I''m SpartacusGrant Holt - Don''t go Breakin'' Our Heart - Supermarket ProdigyHolt signs for.... - ricardoGRANT HOLT?!?!?!? 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Speak up to your fans.... - Canary1902holt and lambert owe us nothing - sonycI couldn''t care less about holt or lambert - jas the barclay kingHolt holds Lambert hope - Ncfc123Rumores on Holts and Lamberts futures - jamie10Holt or Lambert - PKCAND LAMBERT NOW ON ABOUT HOLT:):):) - BarclaybredNorwich to lose either Holt or Lambert? - Badger.....and these were just the threads that held Lamberts, Holts or both actually in the titles, you could double this if you added the threads about the subjects.... Do we take a long hard look at ourselves? The people who couldn''t be bothered to find a thread already on the subject? The people who couldn''t even be bothered to go and find identical threads they had actually started THEMSELVES?? How sad I am to actually type this all out? Maybe, but possibly we could look at how well we are served by our hosts - The Pink ''Un and their administration of this forum. We''ve all heard PL pissed off at the speculation - was he just angry with the press? With US? Or maybe we could have been helped in our meltdown with the odd bit of merging and this is my mad conspiracy theory.... could Archant even be ar$ed or maybe it just suited them to have us lose our heads all in public???? Would it really have cost so much effort to take a good suggestion by one poster for a sub forum?Maybe, maybe not but shirley this forum is the worst fans forum in the universe. It doesn''t even compare with RedCafe or Rawk for numbers but it do suck!!
  9. Molto molto p''eed off. All the best JR!
  10. Well my point is Tangy without being rude is that your statement isn''t completely correct and I just wanted you to know.
  11. Tangy - "If a business doesn''t have excessive overheads they don''t need cutting. Surely that is obvious even to a pompous numpty such as yourself. Do keep up." Not quite the case Tangy.
  12. I just don''t see how anyone can expect to be taken seriously when their word obviously means nothing. Still, standards aren''t what they used to be.
  13. What are you doing posting on here BW? You''d made a deal not to post on here for a month and it''s only been two days. Do you always welch?
  14. We had a garden gaffer gnome dropped of on our doorstep last year which we have been fostering ever since so they were still breeding up until then.
  15. Tangy I just love this new persona you''ve created for yourself of the cissy boy who can''t take as good as he gives but are you on a recruiting drive because I''m wondering why you are involving yourself in this?
  16. Can''t say that I entirely agree that his ex club - an ex employer should step up - in any case who knows how much of this a man would keep to himself because of pride or pressure causing him just to want to bury his head in the stand. However if people feel very strongly maybe as an ex England player maybe it could serve as a valuable lesson to the binners if other clubs fans made the effort to see what help could be offered, what help could even be accepted given that it might affect his benefits now. Just an idea, but maybe some of us feel disposed towards the idea of helping anyone in need regardless of club or even country!
  17. Do you know what? This sort of thing can happen to nearly anyone. Most of us at some point in our lives or for most of our working lives have only been one paycheck away from losing everything. I went through a period in my life where although I had money, personal circumstances led to me being totally disorganised. As a bloke I was uniquely qualified to ignore what needed to be done and managed somehow to get into an inholy mess ending up with County Court Judgements and these had all been totally avoidable if I''d been on my game. I have some compassion with Keith Beattie and if you haven''t well I can only imagine that you are either superhuman and will never get into such scrapes or are super-inhuman and that I hope you will never get into such a position. Good luck Keith and to your wife. It doesn''t matter who supports who at such times, perhaps we all need to learn a bit of humanity. Sorry to have bored the superhumans on here.
  18. No, sorry, was being tongue in cheek. It''s probably a valid point however I''m sure there are others like us who share our season ticket when we can''t make a game, the people we share with would buy casual tickets if they could but again they might not be able to make every game. But, which particular League games have you noticed at home have been poorly attended? It won''t be until we reach a magical point where we have spare capacity and then people would start to moan about the odd empty seats.
  19. We were in Preston. Sorry. (This is going to be a long thread) Next!
  20. It''s a tradition to recognise loyal players with a Testimonial which in this case is thoroughly deserved btw. Football doesn''t need to lose too many more traditions imo.
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